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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

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    "Greta" doesn't look half bad. Reminded me a bit of Lindsay on "Georgia Rule". Ah.
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    I thought "Georgia Rule" as well.

    Im excited to about Hil branching out with her acting skills and doing different roles but she'll always have that little girl voice. you know? It makes it hard for her to be different. She's still cute sounding. But amazing all the same!

    For Hilary's next album she should work with Bloodshy & Avant, RedOne, Danja & Max Martin and whisper to them that she wants to sound like Britney. YES!
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    Play With Fire:


    With Love:












    2 YEARS ago today, Hilary Duff released her third studio album by the name of "Dignity." Hilary co-wrote & recorded the album between June 2006 - January 2007.

    The album signified a different, more mature side of Hilary. Co-writing songs aimed at her ex boyfriend, her father's infidelity to her mother & more, Hilary wanted a more personal album, that people could still have fun too without being too serious.

    The lead single off the album "With Love" performed well, charting at #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 & reaching #26 on the pop radio chart. Her subsequent single, "Stranger" was released to nearly no promotion & was not formally send to radio, thus resulting in underperforming & only charting at #97 on the Hot 100. Plans to rerelease the album were made apparent in September 2007, but her label canceled those plans & instead tried to rush Hilary into recording another album. This attempt failed & Hilary ultimately left the label with a "Best Of" package in November 2008.

    "Dignity" has sold 430k in the US & over 1 million copies worldwide.

    Hilary's upcoming plans include:
    - Releasing a new clothing line in August
    - Releasing a new perfume in the Fall.
    - Four movies releasing this year, while she films two more including "The Story of Bonnie & Clyde."
    - A possible NBC show, next year.
    - A brand new studio album which she's currently writing for due in 2010. That she's so far planning to record & release independently.

    For now, let's all praise "Dignity." Hilary's final studio album with Hollywood Records & the beginning of a new more involved Hilary Duff.

    Also, PIC & NEWS UPDATE:



    Hilary Duff spotted onset of Law & Order: SVU - 3/23/09:



    More on the set of L&O: SVU - 3/24/09:







    :D Celebrate "Dignity's" bday guys!
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    She is BEAUTIFUL. Why am I just noticing this?
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    ^It hit me when I first got into her after hearing With Love. She is really quite beautiful, and not only that, but has fantastic style. Hilary has grown into a very pretty, classy lady.
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    Hilary stopped being cute Lizzie and started being hot Hilary from the Most Wanted Era. As soon as i saw her sporting that black wig in the "Wake Up" video I thought she could be something cool. The Most Wanted album cover is yummy.

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    The trailer for "Greta" looks cool, and a movie about someone who's properly suicidal but might actually find a reason to live might be worth watching. If all else fails, I can recommend it to the people posting in the more miserable Off-topic threads.

    I suppose what with Hilary getting all these TV and film parts, she might as well concentrate on acting as it gives her money and a higher public profile. The problem with the music industry is that less and less music companies are finding ways to make it pay and investing in studio time and producers and a marketing campaign is becoming more and more risky, and presumably Hilary doesn't want to do the "safe bet" course and record something obvious with a blan advertising campaign, but she may actually want to keep pushing herself like she did with "Dignity".
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    OMGG, "Greta" looks soo amazing. I cannot wait to see it!

    Her acting looks better than ever.

    I must admit, I was never impressed with her movies but this one looks so good.
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    But, how are they going to manage to fit in her singing a song (like they manage to do in every other movie she's in)?

    Perhaps she'll cover Papa Roach's "Last Resort"?
  10. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    cover papa roach?

    YES! lol
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    I'm shocked to say that film looks pretty amazing from the trailer.
  12. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    I doubt it'll happen in this one. It's much different to any other film she's been in, clearly.

    Safety Glass looks alright too :) I want to see it.
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    She's not singing in "Greta." But rumor has it she recorded a song set to be a single for the "Safety Glass/What Goes Up" movie.
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    Candids in New York (most likely working on her clothing line & perfume, since she was there for two weeks.)





    Candids in California



    Hilary's guest appearance on Ghost Whisperer airs tonight in the US!


    TONS of "What Goes Up" News

    Official Poster:





    For more visit: http://whatgoesupmovie.blogspot.com/

    An insider from the movie also revealed some info on the plans for release & a NEW SONG!

    Lastly, "Provinces of the Night" News:

    I honestly can't wait for the new song by her. It's supposed to have a similar sound as her "Dignity" album! The soundtrack will be released through a small label. Expect more news next week!
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Last night Casper Meets Wendy was on and I was like "HILARY! HILARY DUFF!" and then promptly fell asleep.
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    I watched the first 30 mins of War Inc. yesterday where hilary duff plays an eastern european popstar. her accent consisted of replacing W with V. what a fucking terrible film, even by her standards.
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    Or an interesting, intermittently amusing satire with some good moments for John Cusack, with Hilary and his relationship being the most arresting aspect of the film.
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    "What Goes Up" Official Web site:


    Law & Order: SVU Promo Stills:



    Two new long interviews with James Hoke, talking about "What Goes Up":

    & the second one:

    Ahhh! I can't wait for the new song. "Any Other Day" sounds like an interesting title! Also, Hilary starts shooting her new movie "Provinces of the Night" today in North Carolina. :D
  19. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    She was on the Ghost Whisperer? GOD she's desperate!
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    Greta looks good. Good direction shes going into.

    Anyways... can't wait for her next album (I CANT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT). But, Dignity blew my expectations of her, as it was a pretty solid pop album. Still listen to it. Hated With Love, still do, but the rest is vastly superior. Now all we need is a hot look, which she has yet to pull off, and Hilary will be good to go.
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