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Him & Her: The Wedding

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MrJames, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. I should have made a thread on this a long time ago but never did. But now seems like a nice time as the fourth and final series of this amazing show is about to be replayed on BBC2 starting this evening.

    It. Is. Amazing. More than anything, it is incredible to see how it has evolved from this quirky, trendy BBC3 comedy to this full-scale comedy drama epic that we see in this final series.

    Kerry Howard delivers one of the most stunning performances in a comedy I have ever seen in this series. She is absolutely horrifying as the vile and hysterical Laura.

    Please watch it if you've never seen it before - and go back to the first three series as well. It's a brilliant little show.
  2. I didn't know The Wedding was the final series. I'm glad it went out on such a high note
  3. KAG


    'Him & Her' is one of my favourite sitcoms, however I wasn't feeling the last series. I think seeing the characters in a setting over than the flat threw me off a little.
  4. SBK


    I love Him & Her. I love Russell Tovey.

    The Wedding wasn't the best series, but it was a decent way to tie together the previous three series. It's probably best they ended it before it got stale. Russell has said the writer may bring it back one day if there's a story, but at least if they didn't everything was sorta tied up.
  5. I think the thrill of seeing them with a baby would make a great story actually.

    I loved The Wedding because it took it to another level that the other three series didn't.

    There was something quite charming about the way they didn't bother giving everyone their commupence in the final episode, they just reduced it all the way back down to Steve and Becky and their lovely story.
  6. SBK


    Yeah I'd like to see them with a baby. Surely they'd have to move though.

    I kinda view the wedding as a "special" since it's on location rather than the bedsit. It would be good if they did a similar themed series, maybe in a hospital whilst Becky gives birth.
  7. It really evolved as the series went on (as in from series 1 to 4). At first Steve and Becky's relationship was all very new and youthful, but it became a much softer, more sophisticated relationship as time went on - but still with their same quirks. It was very clever writing in that sense and it demonstrated how they were starting to outgrow the slum they were living in.

    And as Laura matured, she became more and more horrid.
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