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Hip-Hop Appreciation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Denzel Curry's new album is so good. WISH and SPEEDBOAT are absolute bops but there's a lot of great stuff here. This has really sidetracked me from the pop girl releases for the last few hours.

  2. The new Dreamville album is great, lots of standout tracks. Costa Rica is getting the push on Spotify, so that may be a single. I'm loving Under The Sun (which has an uncredited Kendrick appearance), Oh Wow... Swerve, Costa Rica, Down Bad, Sleep Deprived, and LamboTruck.

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  3. I'm excited for Eve's comeback!


  4. Posting this because he has so much energy and charisma. Probably one of the best rappers of his generation.

    Stream Zuu.
  5. I've never really given hip-hop/rap much attention. There have been a few albums over the years that I've enjoyed but overall it sort of just passes me by.

    I'm going to make more of a conscious effort to listen to new releases though.

    I saw these today and they sound really interesting;

  6. Drake just released Care Package with his older non-album tracks and I am here for it. Forgot how amazing I Get Lonely, Trust Issues and Club Paradise are.
  7. Bryson Tiller looks like he might be making a comeback soon as he dropped an interlude called 'Blame' a few days ago.

    I've also started getting into Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (still can't believe that's his name) and 'Drowning', 'Swervin' and 'Look Back At It' are fantastic. I can't believe he got a #1 album in the States and has been releasing for years and I only just discovered him.

    On the UK side of things I'm glad that Dave and AJ Tracey have blown up but it's a shame 'Funky Friday' went to #1 when Dave has done so much better. Fredo is doing alright but he has absolutely zero charisma and I'd like Yungen to get some more hits under his belt as I think he's insanely talented. Ramz and Not3s are pretty 'basic' rappers but they're likeable as well and I'm glad Ramz is back on the mend after his suicide scare.

    I'm also digging AJ (not Tracey) and 'London' has always been a bop but the new one is insanely chill, it's just a shame it's fucking ruined by those awful features. Geko's voice is insufferable and that Koomz guy is just....horrible in every way. Terrible lyrics, awful personalities and the ages of the dancers/models is questionable but if this was an AJ solo track it would be so much better -

    (oh and I never really got into 'Advice' by Cadet and Deno but I've started to enjoy it recently. It feels very sad and strange listening to it now though and hearing his laughter etc. RIP to him.)
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