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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mister Unicorn, May 3, 2014.

  1. Queen of city pop is back.

  2. For the witchy gays here, I'm sure a number of you have heard her name, but for those who haven't; Meet Ethel Cain; a guitar-slinging, church-dwelling talent, here to make American Gothic cool again. Her EP "Inbred" comes out next Friday.

  3. Y*s bring the girls into the cult! Easily my most anticipated release of the year so far.

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  6. CHAI just had a stint on Seattle's independent radio station, KEXP, and did a cute cover of "Karma Chameleon":

    Some modern-vintage gospel tunes:

    I was cruising through the Numero record label releases and found this album; it's been great to listen to while I prep in the classroom:

    and, lastly,
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  7. Of late I’ve become captivated by Hannah Peel’s latest album ‘Fir Wave’…

  8. ilikeit.gif
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  9. So the vocalist from The Do has released a solo project and it bops... a lot.

    Good Friends is transcendental
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  10. @Crisp X @Andy French @aux @ysev


    This is CHAI from Japan. Their last record, WINK has been released recently and it has come to my attention throughout RYM which is that website i spent FAR WAY TOO MUCH TIME at but god,sometimes it pays off.

    Very nice, easy to listen and groove with synth / art pop. They also give me more commercial and easy to listen Yaeji vibes, so if that is something you would like, please stream them please.

    And the obligatory gif moment because Nobody Knows We Are Fun is that sensual moment.


    edit: Me 2 me after i changed a dozen of grammatical errors
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  11. Yas WINK is incredible, great mention @enjoy!

    I need PING PONG! to soundtrack a Mario Kart track immediately.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  14. The new song from Unknown Mortal Orchestra wouldn’t sound out of place on Daddy’s Home:

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  17. She's probably not eligible for this thread anymore, but Nina Nesbitt just released the song of the summer.

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