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His Dark Materials (TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by PopJudge, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. I think I’m mostly okay with the choices they’re making to stray from the books in places. It makes for good tv either way.
  2. As if Lyra/ Pan could lay a fucking finger on Mrs. C.
  3. RJF


    I think the show has been absolutely firing on all cylinders, and the changes they're making feel like inspired choices that flesh out the characters rather than change the course of the plot. Like, that scene with Mrs Coulter and Mary was outstanding. Mrs Coulter approaching Mary the same way she has with all the men in her life who patronise and underestimate her, and thinking it was going to work the same way where she gets what she wants... only to be completely disarmed by Mary seeing her as an equal and engaging her as such, and rendering her powerless as a result. It's a dynamic that could only happen between those two characters, and only in 2020, and it's just an amazing way of modernising and embellishing everything.

    ...I mean the less said about Mrs Coulter meeting Lee Scoresby the better, but still, I generally approve of all the changes the show has made.

    I low-key loved this though because... her demon is a fairly diminutive monkey at the end of the key, and Pan transforming into something bigger, heavier, and deadlier is the sole advantage Lyra has... which ends up not doing much anyway because Mrs Coulter is insane, but still. I think it made sense, and from a viewer point of view it was also satisfying to see Lyra finally gain the upper hand against the adults who keep pushing her around like a chess piece.
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  4. I think the golden monkey should be a lot more imposing to be honest. It was fucking terrifying in the books.
  5. Lin-Manuel Miranda really thought he was doing something with that scene, huh. He just doesn't have the range.

    On the other hand, Mrs Coulter looking like she wanted to kill herself when Boreal put the Lighthouse Family on was an absolute hoot. I just love Ruth Wilson more and more with each episode.
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  6. RJF


    Lin-Manuel Miranda was so miscast for Lee. His energy as an actor is just the inverse of what Lee was always described as.

    Ruth Wilson, on the other hand, continues to just dominate every single scene she's in. An absolute genius. The micro-expressions, the elasticity in her voice and line readings. The way she plays Mrs Coulter as a woman of barely contained mania with a thin sheen of civility is inspired. She has been a joy to watch over the last two seasons, and you can tell she's having a blast with the character too.
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  7. Mrs Coulter holding up the pair of jeans with disdain...I live.
  8. That last episode was epic.!
    The intensity of the alethiometer fight had me on the edge and was more or less how I imagined it while reading the book. And that new scene between between Coulter & Malone was brilliant.

    I was a bit underwhelmend by season 1 but season 2 has improved a lot!
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  9. It’s wild how much of an improvement S2 is considering (I believe) it was shot straight after the first. Have the writers and/or directors changed? Did they suddenly get given a bigger budget?
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  10. Bigger budget.
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  11. I thought season 1 was pretty good, but season 2 is so much better. I don't know if it's because the movie completely killed my interest in continuing with the books, so I only ever read the first one. Season 2 is new terrain for me, so I have no idea what to expect. Even my husband is kind of looking forward to each episode and we seldom share the same taste in shows.
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  12. Am I the only one who finds Dafne Keens acting distracting and generally really bad?
  13. Mrs Coulter taming the spectres was a MOMENT.
  14. RJF


    nn I forgot about the part with Mrs Coulter taming the Spectres simply because her pussy pops severely.
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  15. I was just thinking who else (that we know) that could have realistically been cast as Lyra and now I’m just thankful that it wasn’t Millie Bobby Brown.

    I mean, I feel bad for finding her a bit hateful (and I do like her in Stranger Things oddly enough) but ... she’s a lot and well this went off on a weird anti-MBB post but my point is.... I think Lyra is so well written and fleshed out that any child actor would struggle to fill her shoes.
  16. Dafne is mostly fine and occasionally really good.
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  17. Season 2 is so lit. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Mrs Coulter to fuck Boreal over and she did that with class and sass. When he called her his “equal” I was ready for her to maniac laugh and send a dozen specters his way immediately, but sis wanted to play with him a lil longer.

    I’m curious how they’ll deal with Lee and Jopari next episode since, in the show, they successfully got away from all the zeppelins.
  18. RJF


    I imagine it'll end the same way; on the ground in a fire fight since there was still one zeppelin left. It's a shame, because Lee's death in the book is one of the most touching moments in series... but instead I just want Lin-Manuel Miranda off my screen for a while before he returns in the afterlife next season.
  19. I’m actually kind of worried that they’ll keep the character alive because Lin-Manuel is a “big name”. I want him dead.
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  20. Lee’s death is indeed such a touching moment.
    I think he’ll die next episode, but I thought it was weird how the zeppelin chase apparently ended after the bird attack while in the books it keeps going through the night and the next morning, when the Magisterium sets the forest on fire to find them.
    Maybe a bunch of soldiers will appear out of nowhere next episode to amp up the drama and get non book readers by surprise.
    They’ll also probably change things a bit to make Lyra watch him die.
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