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His Dark Materials (TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by PopJudge, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I'm also wondering how they're going to deal to with Will's dad when they haven't set up a single thing with him breaking a witch's heart, so I'm curious as to how he'll die in the next episode... I'm really hoping that neither character is dragged any further than as far as they go in the books.
  2. What a great episode.

    It really hit me in the heart when Angelica’s mate asked Mary Malone for a hug.
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  3. That episode was so litty it splitty my kitty.

    The show finally answering how Coulter controls the spectres... I don’t think they touched that in the books? It just said they avoided her ñññ

    As for next episode

    I suppose Lyra and company will hear the crash and go looking and we’ll have a little reunion before showdown.

    Magisterium will probably kill Lee.
    Jopari... if a witch doesn’t kill him intentionally, maybe he’ll die in the crossfire? Or Will accidentally kills him with the knife (why is it always lying around out its sheath ?).
    Coulter will kidnap Lyra as the last cliffhanger.

    Mary remains unbothered.
  4. This season has given me so many edge off my seat, gasp out loud moments. It's moving at such an exciting pace.

    This season wouldn't be functioning so well without season 1 putting in all the necessary ground work for season 2 hit it out of the park the way it is. It needed patience sometimes, but I still think season 1 was brilliantly crafted in its details and the world and character building was great.
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  5. When Lee bit the bullet and we were finally rid of Lin-Manuel Miranda -


    When those two poor witches were killed by the spectres and Jopari sacrificed himself to save Will -

  6. I've really enjoyed the series but the finale felt so rushed.
  7. I assume the ‘lost’ episode would’ve been the episode before the finale?

    It was odd having Ruta mention she had been talking to Asriel but not show it.
  8. Yeah, that was slightly rushed. I don't care much for Lee but seeing his Hare die was kinda sad.
  9. I found the first series so boring, possibly because it was already all done before, but this second one has been thrilling.

    My only complaint is casting Lin-Manuel as Lee. It just doesn’t make sense with my fantasy. I always remember reading the book when younger and sobbing over Hester but I just felt nothing in this adaptation. The original film was so dreadful but the casting was pretty spot on.
  10. Yeah the finale was rushed. I know they don’t have to show everything but I’m confused as to how

    Coulter kidnapped Lyra
  11. Oh so was the finale an episode that had to cut and paste together from what they already had pre covid because yeah it did feel like there were some moments lost.

    When Mary and the Ci'Gazze girls got to the campsite I was really waiting for a cutaway to the campsite which never came, just them going off down into the valley and Mary looking off into the distance, felt a bit off.

    Saying that, did really like the series and I admit I got a little choked when Lee and Hester died and when the witch guarding Lyra got spectre'd. There's something about the daemons just v pouring off that gets me every time.
  12. THIS is the Marisa Coulter I stan. Queen of the spectres!!!
  13. I didn’t bother that they removed the whole “murdered by a rejected and suicidal witch” plotline (as if a woman with superpowers and a lifespan of centuries would really be THAT bothered by a committed man not wanting to bone her), but at the same time it was really... suspicious... that only a single soldier got to Will and Jopari.
    All in all, I thought this was a satisfying conclusion to a great season, but damn, the Asriel-centric episode was severely missed. I think it would have set up season 3 a lot better and give it more dimension. The sheer ambition and boldness of his story has always grabbed me by the balls.

    The last book is so batshit I’m very curious to see how they’ll handle it.
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  14. Just thinking about it is giving me vertigo.

    The mulefa. The gay angels. Metatron. Will and Iorek. The Gallivespian spies. The knife breaking. The world of the dead. The harpies. THE BATTLE. The Authority dying. Eve's fall.

    Really hoping S3 gets one or two extra episodes, cause some of those moments could take a whole one.
    And really hoping the Asriel one is released on its own like they're doing with Euphoria.

    Have they gone into production though? Something tells me we'll have to wait until 2022 for this.
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  15. It’s a miracle that the show has managed to be as good as it is, with Jack Thorne as a writer. Wasn’t there apparently much more collaboration with the writing in season 2 (hence it being stronger overall)?
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  16. I actually wouldn’t be mad if they changed the design of the Mulefa. It’s the only thing in the books that I didn’t like and felt a bit stupid with the seed pod/wheel thing.
  17. NOT Lighthouse Family snatching a promo spot in episode 5. Dula Peep could never.
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  18. Just finished the final episode of the season. I enjoyed season 1, but season 2 was even better. I love that they are being pretty faithful to the books too. Although one thing I don’t remember happening in the books... does Mary go to Ci'Gazze and meet the girls? I don’t remember that happening at all.
  19. Yeah, she does but in the books it's a boy and girl.

    I've just finished re-reading Amber Spyglass and forgot how batshit it is. I can't get my head around how any of it will translate to TV.
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  20. So I recently gave in and got a HBO Max membership and I'm halfway through season one. This was everything I truly imagined the books to be when I read them, everything has been set up so excellent so far. Absolutely perched for season 2.
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