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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Alphableat, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Something something it's 2009 and HMV is a bit expensive.
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  2. The 2 for £10 deal is great though. There's a bomb of great albums in that. However if album I want aren't in it, I just go to CeX.

    Or go online.
  3. The 2 for £10 deal is a lot better than it's ever been, but be careful - some of those albums are £4 in Tesco.

    They've always had an expensive back catalogue section, but now it's extended to chart releases as well.

    Not good.
  4. I went into HMV to buy Vanessa Carlton's album Heroes and Thieves. £22!! I got it from Amazon for £6.50.
  5. New releases and the 2 for £10s are fine....they're a match for most places on those. But once an album gets past the first week or so, watch out for price hikes. Was pleased to find the brand new Cara Dillon there for 9.99 this week, expected it to be more like 13.99.

  6. A few months ago they had Woolworths and Zavvi as competition. Who have they got now? They can charge £100 for an album and who's gonna stop them? Not even Superman could!
  7. Well they still have all the supermarkets, Amazon, Play, eBay, itunes.....

    Unless you dearly want it in your hand NOW they have lots of competition. It's not too bad for new releases, and the two for £10 is very good, to be honest it's been a while since I've tried to track down anything older/more obsure in there, but I do like having HMV around so I'm prepared to pay a bit extra every now and again.
  8. Aye, as everyone else has said so there's really not much point in me adding, the 2 for £10 is bloody good. especially cos with my student discount, 2 for £10 becomes 2 for £9 - 'Bargain'

    However I find it slightly worrying that I never, ever these days buy anything thats not in HMV's 2 for £10. I either wait for it to come into the 2 for £10 section, or just buy some 2 for £10 CDs to distract me from remembering that I wanted THAT particular album.
  9. ^ Exactly. I'm now waiting for all the various recent albums I'm interested in but not wanting enough to pay too much for them (James Morrison, Girls Aloud etc) to appear in the 2 for 10s. Which they will, of course.

  10. Technically, your discount should not work. That would be two offers and the student discount states 'not in conjunction with any other offer' (ie. 2 for £10). If they're giving you it, you're lucky!
  11. Well they give it to me too, both at home and at uni. I don't really think they care too much!
  12. They're not meant to but sometimes they give you the student discount as well as the other offer as a sort of 'thanks for shopping with us'. Depends who's serving you really.
  13. I love the 2 for £10 offer, i got Annie's first album, and the Santogold album. I was surprised they even had Annie, when i asked a while back, they just looked confused.
  14. You'd have thought that the tills wouldn't process 2 different discounts on one sale, regardless of how generous the staff were feeling!
  15. hmmm...
    Its like with sale stuff at Topman - I thought I wouldn't get student discount on top of that but I do.
  16. My HMV is actually rather good at the moment, they even have a whole aisle dedicated to clearout CDs at the moment. From there I got the Christmas version of Chemistry, the bonus disc edition of Fundamental and the DVD of Overloaded: The Singles Collection for a fiver each. Not bad going :) x
  17. Wow! A whole thread about my place of work! Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'll try my est to answer them.

    The older CD's being priced at 15/16 quid is something that annoys every member of staff I know.. It's basically to claw back some margin they would've lost selling a chart CD at 7 or 8 quid. However, a lot of back catalogue albums have been reduced to a more affordable £12. Our head office finally gave in and struck a deal with the majority of record labels and they agreed to reduce most of the prices. The one label who are holding out on us are EMI, principally because they own the Beatles back catalogue and the thought of anyone spending less than £16 on a Beatles cd clearly appalls them.
    The student discount works fine on all sale items, which the wondrous 2 for 10 falls into. An "offer" refers to stuff you get by buying other stuff, like spend a certain amount and get a dvd or cd for 3 quid. You won;t get that item for £2.70, basically. But any HMV that refuses to give you student discount on 2 for 10 is wrong. And slightly nasty.
  18. The HMV 2 for £10 thing is amazing. I went in today and there was shitloads, I could have got Annie's Anniemal and Roisin Murphy's Overpowered for a tenner.

  19. There is a guy in the Dumfries HMV and he is the shittest sales guy ever!!

    I bought Miley Cyrus' CD today and he put it through, totally threw it into a bag on the counter, asked for the 7.99, showed him my student card and he snapped at me 'you actually need a hmv discount card and WE don't issue them' so i was like i have one. He put the discount threw and threw the card back on the counter.

    What. a. dick.
  20. There's a trend for HMV staff lately to be less....polite...than in the past. Which is disappointing, because over the years they've become like the John Lewis of music stores for quality of service. Some stores (*coughReadingcough*) have got new-ish people recently who have attitude problems, and have been like Whiteflag describes above. The guy who I think is the current store manager (they change so often, it's hard to tell) was less than helpful when faced with a request to refund the VAT discount which was not taken off at the time.... "oh, it's just pennies mate, nobody gives a **** about it really". From the most senior member of the staff, that isn't very good. It was a point of principle, and he should have at least been more polite.

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