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Hocus Pocus

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blob, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Greatest Halloween film ever.
  2. Best non-horror Halloween film ever, hands down. I think Halloween is the best Halloween film ever.

    "Amok amok amok amok," etc.
  3. Hello, I want my book. Bonjour, je veux mon livre.
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  4. All hail Hocus Pocus, one of the greastest Disney films ever.
  5. Is that because of the other two?

    It's weird cos I used to have a huge crush on her in this film, then I saw Sex & The City, major put off.

    LOVE this film, I've watched it so much, I could say it word for word.
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  6. Two of my friends announced last night that they haven't seen this movie. I announced in response that I won't be speaking to them until they do.

    Thackery Binx!!
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  7. Twist the bones and bend the back!
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  8. Just watched this again last night, and it is seriously one of my favorite movies of all time. I totally remember having a crush on Omri Katz when I was a kid too.
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  9. Sarah Jessica Parker gives a better performance in this than anything she ever did in Sex and the City.
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  10. "Aren't you broads a little old to be trick or treating?"
    "We'll be younger in the morning."
    "Yeah sure....me too! Excuse me."

    Gotta love Penny Marshall going toe to toe with the Sanderson sisters and not caring at all. Snatching the remote from Mary's hands and siccing the dog on them.
  11. I bet they had no idea when making this that it would become such an iconic Halloween classic.

    I remember seeing it in the cinema when it was released and I was like the dude in it is John Ross from Dallas haha
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  12. I love that this is Bette Midler’s favorite role. Kathy Najimy having this and Sister Act (both) back to back. I watched it again today when it was on TV and the only thing that kept coming to mind was that if they rebooted it, Margot Robbie would be Sarah. That being said NO ONE could ever be Winnie except Bette Midler.

    Supposedly all 3 want to do a sequel so...some new kids stumble on another candle?...kids of the kids from the original or some random kids? Either way I’m in!
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  13. Did anyone catch the "In Search of the Sanderson Sisters" live stream event last night? I thought it was quite fun. It was fairly low budget and sort of shambolic, but it was so lovely to see the three ladies back together in character again!
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  14. I did.

    I enjoyed it for what it was - a nice event for charity.

    I gagged at the Sex and the City voiceover moment!
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  15. Thank god for that.
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  16. I'm so excited. Gosh, I remember seeing the original in theaters almost 30 years ago.

    I have to believe they wouldn't do this unless they had a really solid story.
  17. Watched Hocus Pocus with friends who hadn’t seen it before and we had such a great time.

    I imagine the sequel will be much slicker with more polished CGI and the sisters will be reacting to things like iPhones and Alexa and selfies.

    I just hope it doesn’t lose the charm and quirkiness of the original. I think so much of why I love watching it is the 90s-ness of it all.
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  18. I'm not thrilled about the casting of Froy Gutierrez but especially Tony Hale. Please don't make it a cringe comedy. Let it keep some of the darkness. The original was quite dark (showing the actual hanging!) but then again Disney was more mellow back then which is why I'm worried they're going to screw it up one way or another.
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  19. What's wrong with Froy?
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