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Hocus Pocus

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blob, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. This was a fun watch. I still prefer the original for nostalgic reasons, but it was great to see how they could bring that world to the present. Mini Winnie deserves an Oscar for that performance. The gestures! The drama! She understood the assignment and said I’ll turn in some extra credit as well.
  2. It was alright. High camp and Bette/Kathy/Sarah still had that magic together. The script was just a bit weak.
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  3. Kathy Najimy came into this project all guns blazing ready to make Mary everyone’s favourite!

    It was a lot of fun, sure it doesn’t quite have the charm of the original but I would say it was as good as it could have been and having musical numbers was a treat.
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  4. I know they’re literally dressed as witches, but it’s amazing how they look almost exactly the same as they did thirty years ago.
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  5. Do you think the sequel novel should have been made into a film?

    It’s nice that they included Gary and Penny Marshall in this.
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  6. Maybe it's just me having no nostalgia for this one but I was so bored I turned it off after an hour. The girls are trying their best but it just feels really cheap/forced/banal/tired to me. Seems very much like a case where they hone in too much on one aspect of the original (the campy scenery chewing) and end up letting it swamp everything else in the sequel.
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  7. BTG


    I’m only 15 minutes in and it’s not awful so far but why is everything so cold and blue? It cheapens the whole thing.

    The original is so rich and autumnal.
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  8. I loved it. Just high camp all throughout. The OG3 were perfect and really liked the dynamic of Becca/Izzy. I just wished the witches actually raised the stakes and did something evil instead of planning to. The ending was sweet.
  9. It was good. Not great. 6.5 out of 10. Too much ‘sarky/awkward’ humour (mainly from the sidekick) which was not as prevalent in the first.

    The original witches were what kept it going.

    I don’t know whether I agree with some other people about the ending:

    It was a sweet ending. There can’t be another sequel now with the originals. I, perhaps, would have preferred more evil.
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  10. I’m 40 minutes in and it’s just too over the top camp, cheap, and cringe. The original had a darkness and beauty about it. As a mega fan of hocus pocus, so far I’m really disappointed. I feel like I’m watching a cheap parody of hocus pocus made with an extremely low budget and awful acting.

    Wilbert and the Mayor are awful.

    Bette and Kathy’s acting is on point however.

    Just finished and I’ll say that I’ll never watch part 2 again , and just stick to the original. I’m glad they brought it back for us, and happy some enjoyed it. But it overall lacks the charm and magic it originally had. The whole “let’s be too modern and goodie-goodie angle” didn’t fit for me.
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  11. It really bothers me that not one person creatively thinks that a movie set on Halloween shouldn't be fluorescent blue. It's so generic and annoying. They even filmed in late October/November but all of the scenery just looks like basic set pieces. There's hardly any variation in the set-ups etc. I actually thought the cast, old and new, did a great job but the visuals were a let down.
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  12. Why do you think that?

    They will obviously be back. Bet it will be announced this year

    The original was obviously better. There was a lot of dark/creepy scenes in the original. There was none in this, which is disappointing, but I expected it of Disney. The first didn’t feel like a Disney film. Also agree about the visual. It doesn’t look as good either and probably won’t hold up in years to come.

    It was still an okay sequel and they still are brilliant together. Some good laughs. It could’ve been a complete mess, but it’s not.
  13. I thought it was a great and worthy sequel. Did I like it as much as the first one? No, but I'm not an excited eight-year-old watching it in a movie theatre this time. There were some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, the cast was great, the story was solid, and I'd recommend it if you liked the first.
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  14. I kind of think that too, but what would happen in the next one? We’ve seen Winnie’s weakness. Unless they come back as good witches to stop the devil or something.

    The first song was not needed by the way.
  15. I thought it was a riot, and I'm beyond cynical, so there you go.
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  16. The new era of Disney running everything under a nasty, lifeless blue filter drives me up the wall but anyhoo...I enjoyed it for what it was, even if the ending was a smidge too The Power of Sisterhood for me.
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  17. Disney+ is the darkest magick of all. Only a manual screen setting adjustment can release can extinguish power of the Blue Light Candle.
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  18. My 8 year old niece was so excited to watch this yesterday, it was so cute.
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  19. I thought it was mediocre/ok but did it need to be made? No!! will I watch it again every Halloween like the first? No.
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  20. Disney have lost the magic over the last decade.

    Where were the stakes in this? It was so sanded down and coated with sugar plus the awful forced product placement got on my nerves.

    The 3 leads all were brilliant and rose above the material, the script felt like it was written in 5 minutes and hardly any magic, no talking cat or younger kid to root for (Thora) plus no real danger to anyone involved.

    Why can’t baddies just be plain bad and evil anymore?
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