Hocus Pocus

I watched the sequel last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I always knew I would. The whole thing was low stakes but for some easy Sunday evening viewing I didn't mind it. Bette, SJP and Kathy were excellent as expected. I always appreciate whenever Froy Gutierrez is on my sceeen - a total babe, though his acting is not.

I got slightly emotional at the ending bit and laughed a lot when the book was sweating and when the witches stumbled across Alexa.
If they do a third I want more prequel story with the younger actors. They also need to get Thora Birch back to have that confrontation, pay whatever!!
Was I the only one bawling at the end?


I actually enjoyed it more on a second watch. The one aspect that I don't like is the mayor, that was too Disney Channel Original movie for me.

Aside from that, it's a fun little Halloween film that gets me in the spooky spirit, just like the original.
I enjoyed this, and I think I enjoyed it so much more because I went in expecting a kids film and a Disney Channel Original type movie. And honestly, it was that but that’s not a bad thing. I think maybe some people had too high expectations. Some of the dialogue and characters (mostly the teens) were a bit cringe. It was fun, silly, funny, and exactly what you think the witches would be like if Disney made a film about them in 2022. The jokes and references for fans of the first one were just an added bonus, and I don’t think this film was going to give anything more than that. This sequel was always going to be the Raven’s Home to the original’s That’s So Raven rather than being like the scrapped Lizzie McGuire reboot.

Mary stays an icon, I’m so glad they continued and built on the gag of her using a vacuum cleaner as broom in the first film.
I have to say I’ve never watched the original, even as a Bette stan, as Halloween doesn’t interest me. But I watched this and I liked it a lot! A campy romp, and that’s good enough for me. Will definitely check out the first one now
Meh, very underwhelmed by the sequel. The young Sandersons segment went on FAR too long, and I just didn't care about the Gilbert/Billy subplot very much. I will say, when the original trio finally appeared, things got a bit better. But everything was just a bit cheesier, aimed at an audience even younger than that of the initial film. Froy as the human golden retriever was cute, though.

I did love when it's revealed Becca is a witch, she says, "This doesn't make any sense!" Because it doesn't. And Izzy waves it away with, "Nothing tonight makes any sense!" Because it doesn't. That's screenwriting, ladies and germs.
We introduced Hocus Pocus to my sister's young children last week.

Hocus pocus 1: Obsessed and have re-watched it 6 times already (my poor sister haha). I put a spell on you and Come little children has been on repeat since.

Hocus pocus 2: They were bored, restless, and were more keen on picking fluff from the blanket and fighting over it. The only part that sparked their interest is when all the sister's had zapping powers. Aside from that, they did not finish it and said 'I want the other movie with binky'.
I’d never seen the original so went in fairly unbiased to watching them both back to back.

The first was better but I thought they were both fairly dumb fun. The second did feel like it had been sanded down of the slightly more adult moments of the first (dead kid in the opening scene, constant referring to the main character as a virgin, the cat dying etc.). I kind of expected it to be the case from current day Disney.