Hocus Pocus

Finally got around to watching HP2 and it was a bit meh.

Against my usual objections it actually needed some kids to exert the innocence of Halloween and the prospect of horror being unleashed. Thora Birch was adorable in the first one. I liked the girls in this, but it seemed a bit closer to The Craft.

No talking cat either. Boo.
The middle-aged folx at work were dragging this at our company outing. Their vitriol was a sight to see.

I've had an alarming amount of people need to confide that they liked the film. As if the negative reception is bullying people out of enjoying it. This ain't for the Criterion Collection, it's just supposed to be fun. It's clear that it falls flat in that way for some, and that's cool. But it's kind of unfortunate the venom thrown at it, the actors, and the crew are for reasons other than 1) the blue light not-so-eleganza, 2) a questionable character redemption, and/or 3) sjp's makeup and hair artists plotting revenge on the eyebrows and hair part. Like, let La Najimy get her cheque. She didn't ride on dueling roombas to be nitpicked as a hasbeen (as what I overheard at the grocery store! I should've thrown a pineapple.)

It follows a camp film with an inconsistent 'lore', and it defied the odds to build a cult fanbase. It was never going to match up to the impossible expectations, and I have several things I would've liked changed, but ultimately when it crosses from a whinge to an (ironic to say this) witch hunt, some people out there gotta touch grass! Or maybe smoke it!
Yeah I’m tempted to turn this off, just about halfway through and it’s horrible in every way. Why the hell is it so damn bright? The acting by everyone except the sister is appalling. This apparent redemption they’re going for? Like just let them be evil for fucks sake.
This had so much potential but it’s just not it at all.
I’m not quite sure how it could’ve been better, the script for sure but even just the way it was filmed….
I found the sequel to be cute, but entirely forgettable. The origin section at the start was dire, but I genuinely enjoyed the rest of it, despite it lacking the charm of the original.
I watched it again last night. It drags a bit but it's a cute little film. It was doomed to flop, it was always going to be impossible for it to match the original.
I adore the first, 2 was fun and I'll watch it each October as a double bill but surely they can't rehash the same "back for one night" again after how 2 ended.

Also bring back Hannah Waddingham.