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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Since the search function doesn't work I have to make a new topic...

    Hole reunited last night.

    Melissa, Eric, Patty and Courtney did a performance of 'Miss World'.

    Even though it was a one off, watching the video makes me think that a 'real' reunion might be in the works.


    The video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QdpX2XpJVMU
  2. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I love Melissa Auf der Maur! Followed The Waves, Real A Lie and Taste You were my jams back in the day.
  3. The hug between Eric and Courtney made me tear up almost when I watched it yesterday.

    It's really amazing to see them all back on the stage together. 'Original' Hole are still my favourite band of all time.
  4. Mine too! (hence the avatar).

    I would literally travel to any place in the world to see them if they were to get together again. New 'Hole', not so much...
  5. This is so cool! And Courtney seems more with it than she has in years. Surprising, given her recent Twitter nonsense re: Frances Bean/Dave grohl. I hope they properly reform, I went to the Shepherd's Bush show a couple of years ago and it may as well have been billed as Courtney Love rather than Hole. She was alright though.
  6. 'Live Through This' is still one of my favorite albums of all time, I think, even though it was easier to get into as an angsty teenager. 'Nobody's Daughter' SUCKED, so here's to something decent coming out within >10 yrs. time.
  7. Live Through This and Celebrity Skin are amazing. Plump, Softer, Softest, Petals and Dying are all highlights as well as others.

    Nobody's Daughter was eh, I liked the title track and Samantha but the rest was mush.
  8. Me too. I'd be there in a heartbeat for the original line up.

    I was there too. It really was The Courtney Love Show. I still enjoyed it though despite not being that keen on the most recent album.
  9. I can't help but find her hilariously endearing
  10. Well I loved about half of Nobody's Daughter, but it didn't sound like a proper Hole album. I do believe, like America's Sweetheart, that the songs were there, but this time the production just wasn't anywhere near Celebrity Skin, and wasn't it the same guy?
  11. love that woman.
  12. She's lost it now, but Courtney really was once one of the most compelling performers in music. There was a time when all I listened to were Hole albums and Babes In Toyland. My first gig was Babes In Toyland, actually. I was a punk. I'm still punk!
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

  14. I stan hard for the Celebrity Skin era. I saw Courtney live about four years ago for the 2010 "Hole" tour and it was amazing. She performed for about three hours, and just kept going way off the setlist. I'm looking really forward to her next show here in may.
  15. The demos for Nobody's Daughter were so amazing, I can't understand why the final album turned out so middling.

    If you haven't yet heard it, do yourself a favour and listen to the demo version of "How Dirty Girls Get Clean": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TIsVT1Mo50
  16. heartmightmelt, was that the Glasgow show you were talking about? It was amazing, and fits the description...

    This news makes me so happy. Hole really came into their own commericially with this line-up (although CS was always my least favourite album, it was still a 9/10 for me). They're my favourite band of all-time and the Love/Erlandson songwriting partnership was the best of the '90s, in my (all-important) opinion. Can't want to see them live again! I'm off to see Courtney next month, though those shows seem a bit weird now...glad she's still into playing live though.

    I'm hoping there's an anniversary edition of Live Through This coming out. I know Eric was good at archiving demos etc, and it wouldbe a shame for them not to celebrate their finest moment when so many other contemporary albums have had great 20th anniversary reissues lately.

    And Ted I agree, the demos for ND made a brilliant album in their own right. It's a crime that tracks like Car Crash and Sunset Marquis were never released.
  17. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I genuinely love America's Sweetheart. I think it's much much better than Nobody's Daughter.
    I hope this means we'll get a proper Hole album again some day.
  18. This was a real highlight of Nobody's Daughter for me, and there was a great video but it never got a proper release:

  19. JonBcn, yeah, it was Glasgow I was at. I remember all through it I had to keep pinching myself "I'm hearing Courtney sing Hole songs live". I definitely agree with you there, A 20th Anniversary Live Through This package should be in the works: apart from this week's Kurt death anniversary bringing it back into the spotlight, that album is very much a part of alt rock history. Eric would have to have some good material saved as just tieing up all the b-sides from that era on a bonus disc would consist of a lot of live tracks and radio sessions. Geffen were really good at stretching out Hole singles with filler material unfortunately.
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