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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I watched 7 minutes of that before I realized it was from 2014.
  2. I must've missed this one, I saw the first time she was on it where she spoke about Steve Coogan, how all her tour crew would do Alan Partridge impressions to wind her up ("Back of the net")
  3. Sorry, it was only uploaded a few weeks ago, I assumed it was a new interview. Oops.
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  5. I think it has to happen. They're such sn important band and not given their due. PS go out and buy Colour Me Wednesday's latest album Counting Pennies In The Afterlife. It's right up your street and down the alley.
  6. It would be nice to have them back. But I thought it was Melissa who didn’t want to tour because she hated performing at festivals, but just wanted to release archival stuff? I remember reading that.

    I checked out Colour Me Wednesday on your suggestion. I love them!
    I also recommend the new Honeyblood album In Plain Sight.
  7. Also, deluxe editions of Live Through This and Celebrity Skin would be nice.
  8. Celebrity Skin was my favorite album by them. It’s what got me into them!
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  9. Any love here for America's Sweetheart album? 'But Julian, I'm a Little Bit Older Than You' is up there with her best songs in my opinion. I love a lot of her solo album even though vocally it was very raw.
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  10. Aww this post makes me feel sad, not knowing the news that was gonna break between then and now.
  11. I do like it, but the mixing and production is not great. I need to be in the mood to listen to any of it.
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  12. 'America's Sweetheart' is a fun listen if I'm in the mood and it's one of those time capsule albums for me that catapults me right back to 2004. It isn't a great record like 'Live Through This' and 'Celebrity Skin', but it is a fitting reflection of Courtney's life at the time. Courtney is rarely less than engaging, so it's just a shame so many of the songs sound like unfinished ideas. James Barber even admitted that 'Almost Golden' was a studio creation cobbled together from various songs, which was why he got a co-writing credit. 'All The Drugs' sounds the most complete to my ears, and there are some other strong moments. I loved 'Sunset Strip' the most when it came out, but 'Life Despite God' (what a vocal!) and 'Never Gonna Be The Same' have been the ones that have really stood the test of time for me. The latter is one of Courtney's best ballads. 'If I wanted Christ or a messiah by my side / I can't believe in anything, I know that Mary lied...' Nobody writes a cutting lyric quite like Courtney.

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  13. I love America's Sweetheart too! I think it has some great songs (Mono, Julian, Sunset, Drugs, Never gonna be the same) and some really funny ones (I'll do anything, Zeplin Song, Hello, again Julian). I know the production isn't great but it has some caricature value to it just like the cover art and the funny songs, so it all works well for me. Not far behind Live Through This for me.
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  14. I like Mono and Sunset, that's all I took from it back in 2004.

    LOVE the video
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  15. 'America's Sweetheart' is far from perfect but it is a great album in the sense that it encapsuled what was going on in terms of women, music and the industry at that time.

    I've never bothered to research what 'Mono' is actually about but I take it to be a fingers up to the abundance of toxic male 'authentic' music that was happening. As part of that, I feel like she was trying to point out that her assocation with Kurt is not what makes her great. Which is something people still need to know in 2019.

    It's fun, sad, desperate and poignant all at once. The whole album oozes how a woman in the spotlight might feel whilst going through a chaotic time, making it a great timepiece for whatever was going on in the world at that time that drove so many promising female entertainers to completely desperate situations.
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  16. Absolutely. In a way, it reminds me a lot of David Lynch's film 'Mulholland Drive' - a sort of Hollywood phantasmagoria. The lyrics of 'Sunset Strip' are pretty much the MO of the whole record; that messy, reckless hedonism, with the creeping knowledge that on the other side of that is disaster.

    Rock star, pop star, everybody dies
    All tomorrow's parties
    They have happened tonight
    And I know that I won't see tomorrow

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  17. And now he's gone
    I slashed his tires
    I bled his brakes
    It had to be done

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  18. I get it’s appeal (with its glossy sound) but man was Live Through This just that album.

    Isn’t it? I knew about the incident and a few of the damages to rock artists when it happened through a poster on another forum but it’s still sad.
  19. I’ve never given America’s Sweetheart my full attention but I really like Hold On To Me.

    Live Through This is definitely Courtney’s magnum opus though, especially in terms of songwriting
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