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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I love America’s Sweetheart. I had the Princess Ai manga and everything.
  2. I wasn't much of a fan of America's Sweetheart. I tried to love it and when that didn't work, I tried to like it. The third 'Hole' album is worse though.
  3. I'd love America's Sweetheart on vinyl.
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  4. Yeah, it was basically Courtney's shelved second solo record, done-up as a Hole record but no one was buying it... literally.
  5. I prefer Nobody's Daughter to America's Sweetheart.
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  6. I thought Nobody's Daughter turned out fine with some major highlights, but some of the demos were just brilliant.

  7. We need a proper Hole album with the band together again. Please.
  8. 'Celebrity Skin' is the third Hole record. I assume you're talking about 'Nobody's Daughter' which was absolutely Courtney's second solo record until the last minute when she cobbled it together as a Hole record by getting the guy who produced 'Celebrity Skin' to re-work a lot of the songs.

    It's a shame that 'Nobody's Daughter' was released in the way it was, she had some amazing and probably career saving songs as part of the project (original Pacific Coast Highway demo and Car Crash demo) but she seemed to doubt herself at the last minute. Maybe the record label knew she owned the rights to the Hole name and put pressure on.
  9. Yeah, I was referring to the Nobody's Daughter album.
  10. I like Nobody's Daughter just fine, i think the first half is great, but the second half drags a bit. If she went with fast and funny again for the second half i would probably love it as much as Sweetheart.
  11. I wish I bought the Nobody's Daughter vinyl during the entire 6-7 years it was available, now, it's expensive, unless it's still available somewhere I don't know about?
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  12. If I remember rightly, she's was talked into using the Hole name for Nobody's Daughter to get away from the negativity around her own name. After the intitial buzz wore off, she quickly realised that nobody was fooled and it was a bit of a snub to the members of Hole.

    She needs to make one more record.

    With Melissa, Eric and Patty, or on her own, I don't care.
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  13. That's right. Wasn't it basically just her and a new band and she used the name Hole to sell it. Cheeky as...
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  14. I still can't believe how long it took to release Nobody's Daughter.
  15. Remember someone leaked the Samantha video like a year or so after it was supposed to be out? Can't even imagine how much money they threw at that only to never even release it.

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  16. the Auf der Maur album was bloody awesome though.
  17. ...I love Nobody's Daughter. Especially Pacific Coast Highway.
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  18. Pacific Coast Highway, Samantha and Letter to God were all highlights from Nobody's Daughter. Courtney's issue is she lacks focus and concentration but sometimes on that album it came together.
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  19. I feel like Gwen Stefani looked at the Mono video and a mood board of Shampoo's whole aesthetic and said "this", at some point in marketing meetings in mid-2004.
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  20. I forgot about this album, I was obsessed with Real a Lie back then!

    And this

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