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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. This recent-ish Melissa interview excerpt is making me sad again. FUCK UMG AND THEIR SHITTY ARCHIVE PRACTICES.

    "What she wants, and what she claims Erlandson wants, is to raid the Hole vaults for a proper, immersive retrospective that would include demos, outtakes, live recordings, video and photos. “Those three albums [1991’s Pretty on the Inside, 1994’s Live Through This and 1998’s Celebrity Skin] are all unique and incredible,” she says. “Courtney is a once-in-a-generation piece of art. She is fuckin’ incredible. And, yes, her drama sometimes overshadows the power of the band. The power of the band, the arc of the albums and her performing abilities, we have it all on tape everywhere. We have proof of it and I would love to have it in one place. I support that story and I would be happy to put it in an incredible archival package."

    - http://blastecho.com/bassist-melissa-auf-der-maur-offers-conditions-for-a-hole-reunion/
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  2. Wow, this is really great! What a shame it was never released properly. I love the Nobody's Daughter album.
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  3. So i went back and listened to Nobody's Daughter and the first half still rocks just as i remembered. The second half feels a bit unfinished and/or unfocused, some of the vocals sound demo-ish to me.
    Anyone can recommend any specific song from the second half? Sometimes it helps to notice a song. I haven't noticed Honey until i read it's about Kurt.
  4. I read this, knowing it would end depressingly, and yet read it anyway, hoping somehow that would change.
  5. Eric said a while (years?) ago that he was working on a Hole boxset, dunno if he was working with his own materials that he would keep over the years or with the files that were lost on the fire...
  6. I have the 'leaked' demos that Courtney did for when Nobody's Daughter was going to be her solo record and those raw recordings sound much better than the Hole album.
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  7. I like Loser Dust and Letter To God gets a lot of praise too.
  8. I remember the demos. Loved Pacific Coast Highway right from the start.
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  9. Her masterpiece is Live Through This, but Celebrity Skin is still massively important. You can't imagine how much people (especially critics) had written off Hole at that time.
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  10. Car Crash was the one for me for years. Was quite disappointed that it didn't end up on the album, but I also love that it's a little gem for fans to dig and find.
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  11. From the rehab demos there is also "Stand up motherf***er" which I liked it a lot. Also, the lullaby version of "For once in your life" which ended up being a little different as a bonus track:

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  12. Mojo or Uncut, or possibly Word maagzine, did a three or four page feature on Celebrity Skin around autumn 2012, and I forgot to pick it up, does anyone have it? It really went into detail and had recollections from everyone, including Michael Beinhorn and Patty Schemel about him deliberately playing Courtney bad drum takes to convince Courtney into replacing her.
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  13. I wish she'd played this on the last tour.
  14. Does anyone know how the demos leaked? It seems so weird because from my understanding it seems like they were recorded in isolation (while undergoing treatment at rehab) and she would be the only one with the recordings. Did they just end up in someone else's possession, or did Courtney herself do it?
  15. Courtney probably left CDRs lying around a hundred journalist homes and press rooms. I don't think they all leaked together, I think it was a drip over a year or so, but I could be wrong about that.
  16. I'm sure I remember it all leaking at the same time but my memory might be playing tricks on me.
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  17. This aired September 2006 when she was working on the rehab tracks, interesting it took her almost 4 more years to release it. She was going to call it "How dirty girls get clean" and it became "Nobody's daughter" in 2010.

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  18. Is it this one??
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  19. The demo for Samantha is absolutely beautiful, oh my God.
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