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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Sunset Marquis was always the one for me. Surprised it never made it onto the album.
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  2. I totally forgot about it
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  3. Just a reminder of possibly the greatest guitar riff in history.
  4. Loving seeing this thread come to life. I miss Hole so much. Two weeks today today until Courtney's live show at Yola Día. I wonder what she has in store...it's been a while since we had a proper gig...
  5. I remember being OBSESSED with the How Dirty Girls Get Clean demo back in the day and it was so polished and robotic in its final form.
    I wish they would go back and rerecord America's Sweetheart.
  6. I've been listening to Live Through This and Celebrity Skin a lot lately. Both brilliant albums, in different ways.
  7. I still struggle with determining which one is better. While Live Through This delivers on raw energy and simplistic yet obtuse songwriting, Celebrity Skin has this gleam to it while being superbly produced. I will say, personally, that Dying might take the cake as the best from either album. I feel like it blends elements from both albums perfectly. Petals is another masterpiece too.
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  8. Yes! They are honestly so hard to compare. I think Live Through This edges out as the one for me, just because I love how rough around the edges it is. It's a little more raw, a little more destructive, and I think the songs cut a bit deeper. Softer, Softest, Doll Parts, Jennifer's Body, Asking For It, Gutless, whew!

    Petals is definitely one of their best. Melissa's backing wails and the strings at the end are brilliant (and kind of remind me of the outro on Frozen??).
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  9. Yeah, I think they're both great (and the frequent attempts from indie rock dudes to discredit Celebrity Skin as "basically a Smashing Pumpkins album!1!" just make me love it more), but Live Through This is absolutely the better of the two. Doll Parts into Credit In The Straight World alone...whew.

    I think I may have a Live Through This re-listen at some point in the near future, it's been a minute and I need to bask in its angsty unfiltered brilliance
  10. I know Nobody's Daughter is basically Courtney's long lost second solo album but it's got it's fair share of gems. The title track, Pacific Coast Highway (why isn't this on Spotify?!) and Honey have beautiful lyricism.
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  11. Unfortunately i never got into Celebrity Skin properly. Too polished and too soft for me. Courtney doesn't need to calm down! First 4 songs and Petals are great though.
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  12. The opening guitar and vocals of Violet never ever fail to excite me. Yet there isn't much to either. Just a simple guitar lick and subdued singing (almost spoken word) by Courtney. A few seconds pass and suddenly it EXPLODES and I want to hear it all over again. Lyrically, it may be my favourite song from Courtney and Eric. Well they get what they want, and they never want it again...
  13. Totally agree @Kirkland! The intro is just bliss. Violet is my favourite song of all time. When I'm in a bad mood, it's catharsis. When I'm in a good mood, it's energising. It's one song I can never, ever, get tired of hearing.
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  14. Violet is one of my favourite songs to play on guitar, so simple, but so effective.
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  15. Courtney Love is such a frustrating artist to stan for. What Nobody's Daughter could have been versus what it became still irritates me. I was a Hole mega-fan in my teen years & while I don't really revisit the music much now, there'll always be a part of me that loves it. I don't ever check for new music from her anymore because I don't think she'll ever be focused enough to really commit to it.

    All the Hole albums outside of Nobody's Daughter are really great, though, & there is a lot of misguided brilliance in America's Sweetheart.
  16. Courtney should re-recorded Nobody's Daughter and release it as what it was (a solo album), and keep the more folk-y, pared down elements from the demos. Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most gorgeous songs she's done, but the final version is a bit... err ugly?
  17. I was given Celebrity Skin on Vinyl for my Birthday last week.
    The album sounds amazing and as fresh as the day it was released.
    I do love the grittier Live Through This more but it was such a joy to see Courtney defiantly back from the brink and so healthy. (Most people expected her to OD after Kurt's death)
    I also got to see the Celebrity Skin Tour twice and it was very joyous.
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  18. I don't mind if Courtney puts out music sporadically when it's ready. I think she believes that she *needs* to make a record that will stand up next to Live Through This and it leads her to record and re-record and overcook things. I would be quite happy with a couple of tracks every now and again. If two are done, and good and ready to go, why not? It's been four years since Miss Narccissist and Killer Radio, if she was keeping them for an album, we'd still be waiting.

    I LOVED Miss Narccissist.
  19. She also released You know my name and Wedding day. She needs to release another single or something.
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