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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

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  2. At the 1 min mark onwards in this trailer... the strings sound epic, still a monster of a song too.

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  3. I missed this acoustic version of "Mother."

    I mean for Courtney Love in 2020, it sounds fantastic. I know her voice has suffered a lot in recent years, but it works here. It's actually emotional, especially when you consider how lucky we are to even have her here.
  4. Sounds very 'America's Sweetheart' vocal.
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  5. Fuck me, but Malibu was that moment.

  6. Me to me after buying the Malibu CD single for £3.99 from Virgin Megastore:

  7. One of the most perfect songs of the 90s for me. Fiery, devastating, and perfectly produced.

    'I can't be near you, the light just radiates...'

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  8. Great interview! Thanks!
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  9. Still waiting on the Hole box set that Eric has been working on for years now...
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  10. The Celebrity Skin era b-sides are being done a massive disrespect by not being on a deluxe edition by now. "Drag" and "Best Sunday Dress" deserve more love.

    How long have we been waiting on the Courtney autobiography now?
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  11. She signed the deal in 2011 I think, with an early 2014 release date so...

    From the Celebrity Skin era I love this cover:

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