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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I've seen Hole about 25 times and that one in Glasgow was one of my favourites (despite it not being true 'Hole'), because she was in such great form and a great mood. I was pinned against the front barrier but loved every minute.

    It's weird that there was a Celebrity Skin vinyl re-issue earlier this year (very quietly), but nothing's been done with LTT.
  2. I know! I only just found out about the Celebrity Skin vinyl the other week and bought it off of Amazon when I got in last night. Then I remembered that I move house on Sunday, better come in by Saturday!

    The thing is, I was never a Nirvana fan and they weren't really on my radar until I became a Garbage fan (so late 1996). So by extension, Live Through This passed me by. It wasn't until I picked up Doll Parts on 7" - and to this day the song still gives me goosebumps - that I became a Hole fan. Then Celebrity Skin just blew me away. I played it constantly for about 2 or 3 years.

    I will always be here for a new Courtney Love record, book or whatever. I might not keep interest long (America's Sweetheart, which isn't brilliant but it's got flashes of brilliance killed by bad mastering, production and mixing), but I'll still be back for more.
  3. I want the Live Through This vinyl, but it is SO expensive. And available in pink!
  4. One of the best off My December, indeed.
  5. Where have you seen LTT in pink? I've been collecting Hole stuff since 1992, and thought I had everything! (or did I misunderstand, and you want it in pink?)

    I have the original white vinyl, it's one of my most prized possessions...
  6. I adore everything about Hole and cannot wait for new music! I remember their last album got a bit of slating from the few fans on here but I don't know why, I adored it! Pacific Coast Highway is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  7. It was a bit of a mess though because didn't Courtney demo most of the songs that ended up on 'Nobody's Daughter' about 2 years beforehand with the intention of releasing the songs as her 2nd solo album? I recall hearing those demos about a year before Hole suddenly came back.
  8. Pacific Coast Highway is just beautiful. I like the fact it isn't different from the demo version Courtney recorded solo. It really should have been a single.

    The bridge is so so good !

    SO happy. Slay me Courtney. I actually didn't get into them before Courntey's first album (which remains one of my all time favourites), but I love all their records and cannot wait for this. "Celebrity Skin" (album) never leaves my iPhone.

    If I can just have a sentence on America's Sweetheart, does anyone else think it's fucking perfect? "Sunset Strip" is without a doubt the pinnacle, the breakdown for the last two minutes just takes my breath away. It's so prophetic and final.
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  10. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I'm here for America's Sweetheart.
    Maybe it was because it was a mix of Live Through This and Celebrity Skin, maybe it's because it came out a good time in my life, maybe it's because I'm blind to the supposed flaws, but I really love this album.
    Hold On To Me is probably my favourite. I find it incredibly uplifting.
  11. I have a lot of love for Mono from AS. Great first single. Shame she never plays it live.
  12. Boys On The Radio should be a 90's alt-rock-pop classic. It's amazing; breezy yet anthemic.
  13. Is there any confirmation of new music coming? I am ready to stan for Courtney within an inch of my life! Their discography Pretty on the Inside through Nobody's Daughter is flawless.

    I've always been devastated this version of Nobody's Daughter never got proper production, although I love the album version.
  14. Courtney was in the studio with the most recent version of Hole, and Michael Beinhorn (Nobody's Daughter & Celebrity Skin producer) about six weeks ago. She said this:

    Supposedly the single will be out before the UK tour, but it was also promised before Christmas (like the biog, which she seems to be distancing herself from lately...before she was all "it'll be out before Christmas, along with the single", and now she says "they're trying to make me write a book"). I never count on anything from Courtney until it's actually in the shops.
  15. The album Celebrity Skin is brilliant. Heaven Tonight should have been a massive worldwide hit and I find it odd that Awful saw a single release whilst that remained an album track. The bit in the final verse where Courtney sings "here come the sun in the form of a girl, she's the finest sweetest thing in the world" where the harmonies kick in gives me goosebumps.

    Oddly, I have no wish to delve any further into their discography though. I really don't like anything I heard prior to or since Celebrity Skin.
  16. Nobody's Daughter is a mixed bag but there are excellent songs on it, definitely worth a buy. And I don't know whether you've heard Live Through This but I genuinely think everybody should. Lyrically, vocally, musically it's a masterpiece.
  17. What we need is a My Body the Hand Grenade Volume 2 with all these great tracks on them.
  18. Imagine it as an EP to drum up excitement for a new release!

    My (Jennifer's) Body is ready!
  19. There's a pretty good interview with Courtney in tomorrow's Telegraph. She's backtracking (a bit) about the Hole reunion already though...


    There's some great quotes:

  20. Well, that's annoying as I really like America's Sweetheart.

    I would happily ban artists bad-mouthing their back catalogue. I don't think there's anything musicians and singers do that angers me more. Every record is someone's bloody favourite.
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