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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I'd rather see her work with someone who will maintain her grunge sound but add a darker sheen to it. I could see Rick Rubin doing some cool stuff with her.
  2. Both songs are really underwhelming which is a shame.
  3. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Yes, this is definitely much better! 'You Know My Name' did nothing for me.
    Do we know if an album is (realistically) coming soon?
  4. I prefer the sound of this but I agree with the lyric recycling complaint. Neither really do much for me unfortunately. I'm still tempted by that hot pink vinyl though..
  5. Ok scratch that Wedding Day has grown on me massively since yesterday - I'm loving it now. Especially the screaming! I think I was just in the wrong mood for it yesterday or something..
  6. I love her so much. New stuff is a bit underwhelming, but it sounds like she's having blast.
  7. Wedding Day is exactly what I wanted to hear from Courtney. A lot better than You Know My Name.
  8. I feel the same way. It's always nice to hear new music from Courtney as it happens so infrequently. I actually prefer 'You Know My Name'. It's more instantly melodic for me and I love her voice on the chorus. The winking self-deprecation in the lyrics is great too ('it's time that you reti-i-i-i-ire'). The recycled lyrics on 'Wedding Day' are pretty shameful - the entire 'cripple dance' couplet from 'Dying' turning up as a verse horrified me!

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  9. Yeah, that was the bit that made me squawk. But otherwise the lyrics are pretty great.
  10. She's got prior form for recycling lyrics. There's a Tear The Petals Off Of You line in one of the Live Through This tracks, and she's obsessed with the word "whore" and the pacific coast highway/PCH.
  11. Indeed; the 'my dumb mouth to your deaf ear' bit in 'Wedding Day' goes as far back as her pre-Hole days with Kat Bjelland, then was used on Babes in Toyland's 'Dust Cake Boy' single and Hole's 'Burn Black' at more or less the same time, and it has surfaced in various live ad-libs she's done over the years...
  12. She's such a good interview, always. Some great stuff on the Hole reunion though. Even though she's being a bit more cagey about it, it's clear that they're at an advanced stage of negotiations, looking at potential managers and working out touring requirements.

    I knew she'd want to keep Micko on if they re-form, not sure how that will pan out...

    I'm happy to see her admit that she was wrong to put 'Nobody's Daughter' out under the name 'Hole'.
  13. Great interview. She is a joy to read/listen to as always.
  14. Got in a fight at brunch today with some dickhead after I said that Hole were better than Nirvana. Whatever.

    Does anyone have heaps of appreciation for the opening of 'Credit in the Straight World'? It's so Ray of Light. I wish the whole song was like that.
  15. She Walks Over Me is the underrated child from Live Through This.
  16. It's strange that even though Live Through This is my favourite Hole album, my favourite line-up is the Celebrity Skin version of Hole. I enjoy seeing Courtney and Melissa together.
  17. Melissa's vocal harmonies were a huge shot in the arm for Hole - I love both incarnations though.
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