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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Oh yes, Kristen brought a hell of a lot to the group. It's tragic what happened to her. Awful. I fucking hate heroin.
  2. On Saturday I saw Courtney play at a coffee shop in East London. The gig was super intimate with about 50 people watching. She was beyond incredible. She was really on form and her voice blew me away. She did a mixture of old and new stuff. I got to meet her and chat for a little bit. I've been obsessed with her since I was 12 so the whole experience was kind of a massive deal for me.


    Here's a clip of the gig. I'm at the front and literally in trance because she was SO AMAZING.

  3. That is such an adorable photo. Courtney looks genuine pleased to be taking a photo with you! Congratulations, what a memory that must be for you.

  4. Wow that's amazing ! Congrats man. Now I'm super excited for next weeks gig. She sounds on form !
  5. jamieluke, that's amazing congrats!

    For all the shit she gets, I've never seen Courtney treat her fans anything other than brilliantly.
  6. Amazing opportunity - and what a great photo! So happy for you!
  7. There's now a video for 'You Know My Name'. It's not the most whelming of clips...

  8. She's gonna be finding glitter in the creases of her facelifts for years to come. I used to love glitter til I started managing a cabaret bar, now i consider it burlesque herpes!
  9. I love Courtney, I love Hole, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her live again. I like the new songs but that video reminds me of that period of time when she was obsessed with etsy and the word 'kook' and it's not a good look on her.
  10. That was my first thought too - the 'kook' is back.

    I don't mind how simplistic the video is seeing as she has essentially apologised for it already, noting it was done by a friend and without a big budget. But truly, whoever okayed the pale makeup should be disposed of immediately. Courtney was clearly going for a sort of 'alabaster beauty' aesthetic but it just looks like she's defrosting.

  11. I agree with all that. Easily the worst video she's ever brought out, but my expectations weren't high after she pretty much said so before it was released.

    Can't wait to see her next week. She'll be on Chatty Man this Friday.
  12. I'm stealing this for future usage! Hilarious.
  13. I was never a fan of the 'Kook' look and I thought she had knocked it on the head when she went all fashion and did that whatcourtneyworetoday blog. That being said she could roll around in dog shit and I'd still think she was amazing but the video is slightly underwhelming.
  14. The video is ok but the 2 new songs are amazing and that's more important to me.

    Hope there is a full solo album on the way and new Hole album with classic lineup next year.
  15. She was on form last night at Shepherd's Bush and she looked HOT. Did anyone else go? The setlist was pretty much perfection for me.
  16. Tell me more jamieluke! I'm flying to Manchester tomorrow to see her. I heard she played '20 Years in Dakota'?!
  17. I'm seeing her tomorrow too ! Can't wait !

    Here's last nights set list.

    Courtney Love played:
    Wedding Day
    Miss World (Hole song)
    Plump (Hole song)
    Malibu (Hole song)
    Reasons To Be Beautiful (Hole song)
    Honey (Hole song)
    Skinny Little Bitch (Hole song)
    Rock Star
    20 Years in the Dakota (Hole song)
    For Once In Your Life (Hole song)
    Asking For It (Hole song)
    You Know My Name
    Violet (Hole song)
    Celebrity Skin (Hole song)
    Northern Star (Hole song)
    Doll Parts (Hole song)
  18. Yeah - she did! She also did Plump, Reasons To Be Beautiful, Olympia, Asking For It and Violet and more but I hadn't seen her perform those specific songs live before which was great. She was clearly loving being on stage too as she kept teasing the crowd. She even mentioned Conchita Wurst.

    The week before when I saw her do the coffee shop gig she asked the crowd if we had any requests and I told her I wanted to hear 20 Years In The Dakota because it was my favourite and she told me it's her favourite too but she needed to rehearse it because she hadn't played it for so long. So I was so happy she performed it last night.

    Rumour has it she has been rehearsing Pretty On The Inside too but she didn't play that last night. I'm half expecting the set list to change from show to show as it seems very much a 'Greatest Hits and fan favourites' sort of tour. She only does a few songs of Nobody's Daughter and obviously non from America's Sweetheart.

    She looked amazing too. She wore a black slip dress and then had a costume change towards the end into a white longer gown.
  19. Sounds great! Can't wait for tomorrow! bazayer, I'll keep an eye out for you. I'll be near the front (and alone, sadly...no-one wants to come from Spain just to see Courtney Love haha).
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