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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I really hope she plays Plump on thursday, it's one of my favourites.
  2. Courtney was excellent last night.

    Much better than when I saw her in 2010. She was really lucid, had great banter with the crowd and a lot of disgust for football players it seems. She did claim she would love the be a WAG though. She also cut her hair to shoulder length because she said she was tired of looking like Kerry Katona !

    Music wise the set list was a dream. She played a few more songs from Nobody's Daughter like Skinny Little Bitch and (my favourite) Pacific Coast Highway ! I swear I nearly started crying during the bridge- a really great moment for me.

    Wasn't sold out in the least and the crowd was generally a bit subdued for my tastes (mid week gig and less drinking I imagine due to work) but overall a great experience that I'll remember forever.
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  3. I thought I'd lost interest, but she was very engaging in her interview on BBC Breakfast this morning. Maybe I'm back on board.
  4. She was great on BBC Breakfast. Despite it being a strange booking.
  5. Oh, I wish I’d seen BBC Breakfast: not the sort of show you usually turn on in the hopes of seeing Courtney Love, but I suppose she did it because their studios are in Manchester.

    I’ve only just got back to Spain but wanted to say that I loved the show on Tuesday. Her voice really seems to be back to its best, and she was having fun throughout. When she kept asking if there were any footballers or other sportsmen in, I told her I was a tennis player and asked if that counted, to which she responded “Ooh! I love tennis!” which surprised the hell out of me.

    They did a really good impromptu cover of ‘Not An Addict’ by K’s Choice, which wasn’t on the set list (which I managed to nab, see below). I had a really great time and really wish I could have gone to more shows, but it was impossible to get the time off work. One thing is clear to me though (not that it was ever in doubt): I really miss the classic line-up of Hole. The only member of the new band she interacts with is Micko and even then it’s not often. If Hole does reform next year I will for sure go to many shows as I possibly can.

    Oh, if I had to find one negative point it was the merchandise, which was beyond tacky.

    View attachment 1695
  6. Oh, and I took some pics. Love this one (though by the time I've smallened it for here, it looks less impressive):

    View attachment 1696
  7. She was fantastic last night. I had braced myself for it being a bit of a shambles but it was a really tight little gig. She seemed like she was having a lot of fun and I was grinning like a loon from start to finish. I was in the front row and at one point she was draped over the speakers in front of me and it was a serous IS THIS REAL?? moment for me. I can't believe I finally got to see her after 20 years of waiting..

    I don't really take photos at gigs but I couldn't resist one quick snap :

  8. Oh, and the merch wasn't amazing but I didn't think it was too bad. I got this shirt which I love!

  9. ^ Yeah, that was the only thing I kind of liked, but they only had girls' ones in Manchester, which would not be a good look on me.

    Glad you had a good time too!
  10. Ah yes, I'm a very tiny girl! I was delighted to finally get a gig tshirt that fitted me and wasn't black haha

    It was amazing - my ears are still ringing.
  11. God, this woman is a goddess to me! Celebrity Skin will forever be one of my favourite albums!

    I wished she would do a festival in Belgium though as I'm going to a load of them, but I haven't heard of her performing any of them...
  12. Nice clip! For a minute I thought you were going to be the guy with the Courtney tattoo on his chest.

    So gutted I couldn't go to that...
  13. Ordered it! :D
  14. I like it. It's not her best, and I'm glad it's different to anything from the last period of her career, but there's some interesting colours within.

    Any chance this thread can be changed to Hole / Courtney Love discussion?
  15. She's looking great - body is really on point. Can't wait for a new album.
  16. Courtney sounds and looks fantastic at the moment. Over the past couple of years her show has morphed into something a lot more polished and consistent; it's taken some of the danger out of her performances, but she hasn't been this with it since the 'Celebrity Skin' tour. What a pleasure to see.

    I adore 'Miss Narcissist' too. The vocal production is lovely. I know she's recycling a few ideas in that one too, but I much prefer it to both the songs from the single last year.

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