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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. New single Ascension - from the film Eddie the Eagle.

    Written by Gary Barlow apparently. I think its fabulous.
    If we had sent this for Eurovison this year it would have been top 5 at least.
  2. Was excited to hear about this but I'm underwhelmed. Love Holly though. Saw him touring Europa and it was a great gig. And Blast is one of my favourite albums.
  3. Europa sounded a bit dated and definitely a bit dodgy in quality here and there but was well worth a listen. I liked all of In And Out Of Love, Heaven's Eyes, Dancing With No Fear and Hold On Tight.
  4. I thought it was a pretty strong album.
  5. Americanos is one of my fave tunes of all time

    I first discovered it in the underrated eighties film "Cookie".
  6. Wow. I just bought that soundtrack in a thrift shop. I agree - underrated film. Love Emily Lloyd.
  7. It's great indeed and Emily was fantastic (she is Trigger from Only Fools and Horses daughter)
  8. Resurrecting this old thread...I was browsing YouTube and ended up watching old Holly Johnson videos and ended up buying Europa... I missed this when it came out, and it’s a pretty good album! Love the yazoo risqué Hold on Tight.

    Any other fans here? Are his other solo albums worth a punt? I must admit I started with Europa as it was going cheap....

    Next stop, Jimmy Somerville Homage.
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  9. I was surprised at how strong Europa was. Blast is an all-time favourite for me.
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  10. Europa is a great album.
    Homage is great too if you like throw back disco, Jimmy also released a few excellent more electronic EPs before Homage.
  11. Holly's second album failure that was 'Dreams That Money Can't Buy' is great too. It's very dance-orientated.
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  12. It is just as good as Blast! I loved the artwork too.
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