So people actually like Scott and are defending the character when I expressed my extreme dislike for him on twitter; wow. That perplexes me.

Edit: Ross Adams blocked me on twitter, wow I'm hated by an actor who plays a stereotype. Hollyoaks need to get a grip with all these characters; where have the Lovedays gone? And god knows whoever else was brought in, they've been in three or so episodes since arrival. This show has gone to the pits.
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I know no-one watches Hollyoaks anymore but Zoe Lucker staggering into the classroom blind drunk clutching a bottle of vodka before puking in the bin is my TV highlight of the year.
I love Sinead! She may be a nasty cow but she is a brilliant actress and a great character.

Looking forward to the inevitable mess when they start cutting her scenes out and re-shooting scenes the day before broadcast.
They're cutting her existing scenes from the show? What can it be? Surely an exit scene would be the normal thing to do in most circumstances.
I don't even watch the show, and I'm curious. Mainly because I remember her on that Dorothy show, which I loved.

Talking of Dozza, James Sutton tweeted a picture of 'ding dong the witch is dead.' Drag her a bit.
She always did seem like a bit of a hot mess which is interesting considering she's such a good actress.

James' Twitter though... goodness.
It has now been revealed that she turned up to the set drunk, and had previous warnings for lateness prior.

I remember watching her on Dorothy and really liking her, but then I met her at Alton Towers a few years ago along with a few other members of the cast (including the guy who played Lee) and she was quite unpleasent.
Haha yes! She would be amazing for CBB. My friend kicked up a fuss about something and got us que jump on all the rides and we kept running into them because they had received it from Alton Towers to promote the park. I hadn't been a massive fan of the show since 2009, but one of my friends was a big fan at the time. They would recognise us and start the conversation, we weren't bothering them or anything. Anyway, I told Stephanie that I loved her on Dorothy and she just said "hah" and then my friend got into a conversation with the cast about them being different from their characters. I told her that she looked different from her time on Dorothy and that she was in fact dressed/styled quite similar to Sinead. I honestly didn't mean to cause offense but she just went "urgh!" and then ignored me for the rest of the day.
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She must have some lovely friends because the Mirror have got hold of some videos of her being a drunken mess during the day and using them to suggest that she may be an alcoholic.