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Honey G - The Honey G Show (Out December 23rd)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Lucas, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Are you seriously suggesting there are people out there who didn't watch the X Factor, but would be interested in this song? Who exactly?

    This place cracks me up sometimes, it really does.
  2. It didn't "just reach" number 4, it was number 4 last week as well. You're making out as though Honey G has released out of nowhere and reached no. 149 in the chart. She literally performed in front of millions of people and only 6,451 liked it enough to buy it. Plenty of other acts have charted higher with less promo and no radio support. So what I said is related to your post.
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  3. Why are you all having a go at me? I couldn't give a fuck about Honey G I was just saying a lot of songs these days these radio play to even have a chance at being a hit sometimes tv performances isn't enough!

    Leopold I have no care for what you have to say to me really put me on ignore if you don't like my posts enough is enough you're always there to try and have a go at me or make me feel small wherever possible! My optimisim for XF alumni? Yeah Fleur but she's already
    Broke out on her own and I ain't even a fan of Honey G just makin a small point and no I'm not mad thanks

    Pretty sure touch did not debut at number 4 it debuted at 23 in its first week so says buzzjack Not that I care where it charts I like the song and I brought it

    I haven't brought honey g's and quite frankly she was destined to flop but radio play would need to come into it somewhere and no to be honest I don't think the masses of general public would be into this song but I could've said same about cheerleader or other songs but that still did well worldwide!

    Plenty of novelty songs received radio play thank you
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  4. Here's a take that will alienate literally all parties currently in the discussion: The Honey G Show is exactly as good as Sax, and fulfills much the same purpose. Probably not a tune for the ages, but a diverting 7/10 pop spectacle. It would sound brilliant in the background of a party montage, assuming people throw parties dedicated to Honey G.
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  5. You said that Touch "just reached number 4", this is it's second week charting at number 4 so it didn't just reach number 4.
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  6. Queen of the flops.
  7. I'm not having a go at you, and when I say I find some of your posts "maddening" it doesn't mean I think you yourself are mad, just that the posts drive me mad when I read them.

    I'm not sure how criticism of Honey G (or Fleur East's career non-prospects) makes you feel small. I'm sorry if it does.

    My dislike of Honey G and analysis of how a novelty hit can still take off without radio play is no indictment of you as a person. I'm sorry if it came across that way.
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  8. You seem to imply nobody would throw such a party. I was going to invite y'all to my themed birthday, but now I'm going to be selective

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  9. I dread to think how much lower she would have been if it wasn't for my copious streams
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  10. Did she go up on itunes at all after her performance of Big Brothers Bit On The Side
  11. A tiny bit, but nothing worthwhile, she's 293 at the moment.
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  13. The realist chick in the game is back!!

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  14. "come over here, i might let you rub it"

    Bow down Bitches
  15. I stanned for Anna but seriously some of those lines are so clumsy. But gimme that surreal Young Thug masterpiece mixtape when you're ready, queen.
  16. I'd rather not click on that, but what's Jessie J doing there?
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  17. Doing it like a dude
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  18. Music for the streets
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  19. Ewwww the idea of honey g's front bum makes me want to hurl whose funding this rubbish
  20. I still can't tell if she's delusional or an act...
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