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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Ok, I love to be scared and I LOVE horror films, but there's been a bit of a lapse as of late. If it's not a terrible remake it's a shit torture-porn affair. What's wrong with the classic ghost/unknown being story?!

    Anyway, I'm having a proper horror fest and would like to be genuinely scared so I'm looking for recommendations, what do you think is the scariest film you've seen??

    I love Session 9 - It's seriously creepy, [rec] - watched this last night and was so freaked out by the end I couldn't go downstairs and The Descent - brilliant film, full of jumps and scares!

    So, anything else I should really watch?!
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  2. Obviously you will have seen The Shining, so that goes without saying. What about stuff like Dark Water/The Audition/Ringu etc? The originals, of course. The Grudge?

    I'm with you, torture porn is booooooring. I did nearly have a brown pants moment in the cinema just watching a horror trailer the other day, The Unborn. Looks more like a schlock horror, just jump alot sort of thing, but might be good for shits and giggles!

    Trailer; http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1283325977/
  3. The problem is I know you've already watched what is my main horror recommendation of The Haunting. That's the 1963 version, obviously. There is no other version. Liam Neeson did not make a haunted house movie in 1999. He did nothing that year.

    I'm sure you'll have seen most things I'd suggest...I hear The Orphanage is great (not watched my DVD yet). Anatomie is a good thriller / horror, The Fog (original), Ghost Ship is one of the better Dark Castle movies, Wrong Turn is slightly overstepping into goreland, but well-made, Dario Argento's Suspiria is plain flat out crazy (see also see semi-sequel Inferno)

    The original Black Christmas is pretty great and creepy. There are lots of old-school Brit horrors from Hammer and Amicus that are great to watch, but aren't actually all that scary...From Beyond The Grave, with Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence is a lot of fun as is Dr. Terror's House of Horrors.

    Brian De Palma's The Fury comes highly recommended - it's a mixture of Carrie-like psychic shenanigans mixed in with a spy thriller and teen drama and it's a real blast which I really do suggest you check out.
  4. Wenchy, the trailer for The Unborn is a bit ker-azy, don't really know what's going on but it seems to be about twins, ha ha ha. Looks like it could provide a few jumps though, might check it out. Also, I'm into asian horror films to so have seen stuff like Dark Water, Ringu (SOOOO much better than the american version), The Grudge and The Eye, although I haven't seen The Audition, any good?

    I have seen most of these, ha ha! The Orphanage is pretty good and has its moments but I'm not too keen on the actual storyline so I'm not too fussed about watching it again.

    The Fury sounds pretty good though so I may have to check it out!
  5. Oooh, oooh! Have you seen Don't Look Now? Not a horror, but it's very unnerving. Hugely so in fact.
  6. YEAH!

    I did find it hard to keep up with - not much happens during the first half but I did like it!

    This is gonna be harder than I thought, I've seen too many!
  7. I think Audition is scarier for blokes (you'll understand when you see it) but I did find it seriously, seriously unnerving. Like...gives you the eebie jeebies, rather than flat out jump-out-of-your seat stuff.

    One that I never saw, but my ex went on and on and on about was The Collingswood Story. Or maybe Collinswood. He said it terrified him - might want to read up on that one, just to see! Oh, and I agree with Sifr. Suspiria and Profondo Rosso are excellent.
  8. Yes, forgot about that! I'm trying to remember all the films that actually scared me when I was younger, but I can't remember them. But yes, the end of DLK will stay with you forever.
  9. I'm having trouble remembering really GOOD horror films aswell, alot don't do much for me.

    Well, Snow White scared the shit out of me as a kid....
  10. Have you seen The Devil's Backbone? Similar vein to The Orphanage. I caught it when it was on BBC four or something one night not thinking it would be that scary but it really freaked me out!
  11. 'The others' is one of the best horror/thrillers I have seen in recent years creepy but not gory

    A couple of 80's horror films to check out would be 'The Burning' I believe it was banned for a number of years here in the UK, scared the shit out of me when I was 14. My favourite b-movie horror would have to be 1980's 'The Nesting'.

    Other favourites..... The Fog, The Omen films, Rosemary's Baby, Pet Sematary, IT. I am sure you have seen most of these.
  12. Did you watch Dead Set on four recently? Worth a rental if you didn't.

    There's an Oliver Reed movie from the 70s called Burnt Offerings which is semi-creepy. I'm always more afraid of "what's behind that sealed door in the attic?" in movies than "oh look there's a dude with a knife/machete/pickaxe/javelin" type things but it's so hard to suggest stuff.

    Here's a NON-recommendation I just thought of - don't watch An American Haunting. Fucking bollocks. How they managed to drag in Rachel Hurd Wood, Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland I do not know.
  13. Me too! I hid behind the seats at the cinema (note, it was a special showing, I'm not that old)

    I have not! I've heard good things about it though, I was going to watch it over Christmas but didn't get chance.
  14. Yes and yes! If you don't know the ending of the first one, of course. And there's a woman in Rosemary's Baby, if I remember rightly, who is utterly terrifying.

    Cracko is right about The Devil's Backbone, it scariness and unsettling mood really do creep up on you.
  15. The Burning is hilarious! Ha, I watched that and then Friday the 13th on the same night, they're practically the same film but with more sex and more violence on screen in The Burning!
  16. Ditto, neither am I! I spent the whole time with my face buried into the folding part of the seat, I was beside myself.
  17. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I remember thinking 'My Little Eye' was kinda good. It's been like 6 years since I've seen it though...
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  18. Fuck yes, Rosemary's Baby - I only saw that the first time a couple of years ago, but it's flat out brilliant!

    Event Horizon
    is one that I love, and one of the better Hammer's to check out is The Devil Rides Out.

    The Legend of Hell House is excellently creepy and pretty scary, if you can ignore the fact it gets really silly in the last 10 minutes, and has a hysterically bad ending. Before that it's gold.
  19. Rosemary's Baby is the Roman Polanski film that has a young Mia Farrow in it. It's a classic horror about a coven of witches living in 1960's New York. If you like stories about covens of witches check out' Bay cove' it was a TV movie starring Pamela Sue Martin.If you like horror/vampire films check out David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve in 'The Hunger' it's a favourite of mine and Catherine Deneuve is just wonderful and stunning in the partof Miriam Blaylock (She was my avatar for a while).
  20. To be honest I have not seen it since the early 80's and I remember it being very slice and dice...
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