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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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    It pretty much loses steam after that first kill, even though Veronica tries to keep it afloat through sheer determination and high camp.
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  2. Just watched Jason takes a boat ride for the first time and wow that was something.
    The main girls flashbacks of a drowned Jason was pure horse shit. A real shame as Jason wreaking havoc through a late 80’s New York could have been so special.

    Also Wayne’s fashion hasn’t aged a bit and now he’s the hot daddy sheriff on Riverdale. Good for him.
  3. They killed off the bitchy girl way too soon. She had much more meddling to do.

    And how the hell does Crystal Lake connect to the Atlantic?
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    Okay but Kelly Hu in Friday VIII? Iconic.
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  5. Both her and the bitchy girl deserved to outlive Julian and miss Renee.
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  6. There's an uncut workprint floating around with the original grisly murders intact, it clocks in at like 140 minutes or something!
  7. Veronica is the queen of sad crying faces. Attacked by killer birds, aliens, pod people! We stan a queen!
  8. I have this to watch on my run through of them, and I just haven’t found the strength yet.
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  10. Yep I found Candyman 2 very dull but at least it was technically proficient unlike part 3's low budget ass with Donna D'Errico. Woof.
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  11. Its original name was Camp Crystal Fjord.
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  12. I am shocked you have somehow managed to avoid two of the best films of all time. Where have you been, sir!
  13. I'm roughly halfway through this and sis.
  14. Ali3n is FAR from the best one, but the extended cut is much, much better than people give it credit for. Though, I'll be real, I am a full-blown stan of the franchise. Even the Prometheus storyline!
  15. I could never really get into Alien 3. It is just a lot of bald, white men who I can't tell apart running around the same looking corridors. Sigourney is of course flawless as per usual so it's worth it for her. I actually prefer the campy mess that is Resurrection.
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    Me inflicting my Alien 3 opinions on anyone who’ll listen:


    Strictly, the extended cut though. As someone who wasn’t blown away by Aliens, I loved the nerve it took to completely dismantle that happy ending. I’m also sucker for the gothic grunge aesthetic and overwhelmingly hopeless atmosphere. Sigourney snapped when she shaved her head.
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  19. [​IMG]
    I have nothing to contribute, but Jamie Lee Curtis punching someone wearing a mask of Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia justifies itself.
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