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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. BTG


    This is ICONIC.

    But also, I’d be fucking furious.
  2. That's so cute! You had an almost run in with a horror icon!
  3. The original Witches film gets the tone of the book so right, apart from the happier ending, it just gets Dahl's sense of everything so well. It's a toss-up between that and Matilda as the best adaptation.
    The thing that always gets me in The Witches, is the girl who goes to get milk, and gets kidnapped and put in a painting to age.
  4. Exactly. I think this was born out of Kevin Williamson's frustration with slasher movies after the golden days, getting cheaper and cheaper and concerned with little more than tits and gore and a wisecracking killer. They realised you could still make horror films look slick and sexy.
  5. Yes he certainly helped awaken 'those' feelings in me as a teenager. I was enamoured.

    I am still shook that Craig T. Nelson was considered a zaddy by some. I guess there's someone for everybody.
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  6. BTG


    She’s watching Valentine and Kate has stuck her full head in that toilet. Vile.

    Katherine Heigl would never.
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  7. Queen Brooke Bundy.

    Trivia time: she was the first chief engineer of the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. For all of one episode, but still.

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  8. Just tag me next time slut.
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  9. The ending makes so little sense as being “happier” - isn’t the book’s point that all Luke and his grandmother have is each other, so his shortened mouse life will end at the same time as her’s?

    Whereas the film fools him to a life alone (in its bleakest interpretation).

    The Witches is perfectly cast across the board...
  10. I never thought of it like that.
  11. Argento’s Four Flies on Grey Velvet is on mubi - worth a watch, horror girlies?
  12. It's one of his more routine giallo films but it's miles better than anything from his modern era. It's a bit like Blow Out. Not nearly as good as The Bird With Crystal Plumage or Deep Red.
  13. What I love about the I Still Know teaser is that Julie is traumatized by the image of a man in a slicker with a hook, to the point she even dreams about him in that exact image, but she never actually saw it. She was busy googling things and visiting Missy and only had to deal with un-cloaked Ben Willis. Barry's quick lil description to her in the hospital sure made an impact!
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    I never realised this dddd. I know we’ve said it before but Julie got off way too easy in that movie. I know she got a body in her trunk but even then, Ben cleaned it up for her.

    Similarly, RE: Valentine, for the first time I actually I noticed Marley reading the police report from the night Jeremy attacked Dorothy. I never realised that it’s written that Lily, Kate, Denise Richards and Katherine Heigl (and some boy called Joe?) all lied to the police by saying they witnessed Jeremy making a move on her.

    I’m not sure why that was never mentioned onscreen because it’s a much better motive than him killing them because they didn’t dance with him.
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  15. The bracingly offensive caricature of a gay private eye mincing his way round town looking for clues, his coat thrown casually over his shoulders and limp-wristed paw gesticulating wildly! I have to say I was somewhat saddened to see his grimy demise in a public bathroom (the dubious layers...)

    This film is a lot of fun. The whimsical, vaguely nutty tone. The gorgeous locations (and leading man tbh). That bath scene. It’s lowkey a hoot.
  16. Let us know if you survive. Then I might check it out.
  17. She's rewatching Dead End this lovely night.
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  18. I’ve been inspired for a midnight rewatch of Valentine; it’s been well over a decade at this point, I’m kinda shook.
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  19. I dunno to me it seemed like it was more to do with the director as he wasn’t really interested in making a slasher movie. He didn’t even want blood in the movie and was forced to add that as well as a reshoot to kill that fisherman guy to bring up the low bodycount.

    It’s a shame the director hasn’t had much work after ‘I Know’ as that proved he had a great eye. I guess after dropping out of the sequel he didn’t want to play within the studio games.

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