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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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    I had to take a break but now I’m back, 40 minutes in, drinking and ooft. Miss Louise Fletcher zoned out on the first day of shooting didn’t she?
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    This just happened and it was worse than I thought.
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  3. Oh don’t worry.

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    Girls. That movie. I maybe stan a bit. Was everyone on hallucinogenics? It's so fucking trippy. The bizarre shared consciousness, hippy pseudoscience is a scream. I was fully not prepared for the weird metaphysical nonsense and sexy demon Regan.

    I know they tried to subvert it by making him a locust doctor, but the depiction of Africa was so problematic. James Earl Jones dressed as a big locust is a moment I did not know I needed. Richard Burton was obviously too drunk to act, but Louise Fletcher was so bad. I know she was originally cast as Chris and then they changed her role, but maybe they should've stuck with it.

    Pazuzu sounding all 'pull my lever, Kronk' was a bit of a downgrade.

    It looked stunning though, and loved the soundtrack.
  5. Didn't the director of Exorcist 2 hate the original? It's always crazy to me when studios hire directors with no affinity for the original/franchise. Reminds me of how Platinum Dunes pretty much broke Samuel Bayer down until he agreed to do the Nightmare remake. I just don't get it.
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  6. Exorcist 2 is just so... bizarre. Everything about it. The making of, the choice of director, sexy demon Regan. All I can come up with is drugs. Lots of drugs.

    John Boorman made the brilliant Deliverance a few years earlier and would go on to make Excalibur and Hope and Glory in the '80s (to acclaim). I'm not sure why he chose to direct this. Apparently he was still editing the film up until its release day! Mess.

    Louise Fletcher was actually following up her Oscar winning role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next with this film and... the downward trajectory in her career Post-Nurse Ratchet is no surprise after this.

    I do love the score by Ennio Morricone. It's beautiful and haunting. Perhaps the only person associated with the film who realized that they were making a sequel to the classic The Exorcist
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  7. I know it has some stans but I hate The Exorcist II. It reeks of 70's tackiness and excess. The taste level is non-existent. Sexy Regan? Pazuzu doing his best Bea Arthur impression? Louise Fletcher and Richard Burton sharing quaaludes? Keep it! It somehow out-camps the original.

    At least it's not as bad as the two versions of the prequel story.
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    The score is gorgeous. It's so dreamlike and weird. Completely different to the original but in a good way.

    I thought a few scenes were quite striking. Regan on the edge of the balcony, the opening possession/fire but it's bizarre. To think it was apparently Warner Brothers' most expensive movie at that point, I-

    Someone clearly hasn't wrestled a metaphysical sexy demon Regan and it shows.

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  9. Honey, I mistook a wartime film for a musical...
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  10. Exorcist II was much different from the movie we had apparently according to Linda Blair when she received the script. It then began getting multiple rewrites and she refused to do the demon make up again along with a sexual scene with Burton according to her interview on the SF disc. The film itself has a good premise that isn't full explored well. It's done in a way that almost is comedic and a mess but I appreciate what Boorman wanted to do. He didn't want to rehash the first film which is what a lot of people were expecting and complained about. There's a good idea in the film but the over the top performance, the Eartha Kitt demon voice and the soundtrack (while good) consisting of Yoko Ono doing her morning voice lessons was enough to sink it. I once told Linda Blair I loved the image of her used in the cover which is instantly iconic. III is a worthy sequel even with all the studio meddling. There was also a book (paperback) released about the making of the film which was available online. Managed to read a bit of it before it was taken. Hopefully one of you Prescotts can find it. It was a very interesting read.

    Here's the Linda Blair interview for those interested:

  11. I actually enjoyed the second one, it's so different tonally from the first it's like a different series. I think I need to watch again soon.
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  12. So, thanks to this thread I've binge-bought a whole bunch of cheap DVDs on eBay (I'm entering hayfever season so lockdown or not, I'm stuck in til July 15th). I Know/Still Know, Cherry Falls and Halloween Resurrection aren't here yet, but I bought Scream Trilogy and Scream 4 for about a fiver last week and they've arrived. I've seen them all apart from I Know, but I've never owned them or watched them with the filmmaking/screenwriting knowledge I have now.

    Scream came out when I was 13 and at the time I was automatically wary and defensive against things that popular people whom I did not like or respect their tastes liked. So Scream naturally fell under this. I also felt fairly cliched teenage boy gate-keepery over 80s slashers, so who was this new 90s upstart and look at the slasher revival you caused. I also had a grudge over New Nightmare's failure. My sister who is 7 years younger than has no such mental block and has owned all three since they came out on DVD. I've maybe seen each six times in 24 years tops. Scream 2 maybe twice. What can I say, I was a petty teenager.

    Random thoughts on today's Scream rewatch:
    1. It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch without your brain automatically playing the same scenes from either Scary Movie or Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The Thirteenth on a second screen in your head.
    2. Wes Craven seems to have used a very subtle fish-eye lens in moments. The corners of the frame warp and it's quite disorienting when the camera moves in wide shots. I'd never noticed this before.
    3. Rose McGowan is in this a lot more than I remember. I love her.
    4. Skeet Ulrich's accent when he shouts at Sydney in the kitchen. What even is that.
    5. Randy is so obviously a Quentin Tarantino expy. If he'd have survived 2, he'd be the director of the Stab movies
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  13. Does anyone else love Suspiria? I think Suspiria, Hereditary and Midsommar are the holy Trinity of modern long, super climactic, shock value, iconic, disgusting horror films.

    People have also told me to watch Nightcrawler, Enemy and Mandy.

    On the topic of Suspiria:

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  14. Has anyone else watched that very weird slasher/comedy/sci-fi/teen romance-comedy/whatever else genre??? movie Detention (from 2011, directed by music video tycoon Joseph Kahn no less) I rewatched it a day or two ago and I'm still not really sure what to think of it nn. The movie-in-a-movie slasher bits with Cinderhella were amazing (If only the actual movie was popular enough to warrant a spinoff of that nn), I wish they focused more on keeping the horror elements than adding just a bunch of too much random stuff.
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  15. I ended up just watching Scream 2 and Scream 3 when I went to bed. My favourite is Scream 3, there I said it. I love Hollywood meta movies anyway, so it's right up my street, even if it is undercooked and goes off the boil at the same time. It's sort of amusing that Scream was the follow up to an underperforming movie about people being killed while making a horror movie and Scream 3 itself is about the same thing.

    1. Genuinely hadn't even noticed how white Scream is until the opening conversation of Scream 2.
    2. I still don't like Scream 2 much. I can't put my finger on it why.
    3. It might be the sorority stuff. There should've been a PSA from American studios to explain what all that is, because it's just weird and even after 20 odd years of "campus comedies" I still don't get it.
    4. Parker Posey is the MVP of Scream 3 and she deserved better than an off-screen kill.
    5. The Paramour Mansion looks gorgeous lit up at night, but it's distracting to spot the same rooms from Halloween H20 and Garbage did their Not Your Kind of People album photoshoots in, et al.
    6. After what I said above about Randy, the actor playing the director is clearly channelling Tarantino after eating too much sugar.
    7. Why is everyone wearing metallic contact lenses.
  16. Yeah, what a weird weird movie. They definitely had a hard-on for Scott Pilgrim.

    And the bully dude whose arm gets cut off was HOT.
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  17. The only Exorcist entry I have time for is Legion. A FILM. The TV series is also low-key better than the original movie so catch the motherfucking tea on that't.
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  18. I'm watching Needle (2010).

    If you like the idea of Urban Legend (with music by Jamie Blanks) with voodoo and set in Australia, give this a whirl:

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  19. Taste.

    My only negative point against Scream (that me and me Mum are watching right now), is that they don't take advantage of the Curfew of the town. Imagine a final chase scene through a closed down Woodsboro...

    The only slasher that takes a scenario like this to heart a bit is (the great) Halloween 4.
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    Funny you say that, I watched Halloween 4 today and I love it for exactly that reason. The town is proactive, people are indoors, a few are hunting him down (and they’re likeable.) It creates a really interesting vibe of a small town touched by horror.
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