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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The Vocal Bible has arrived, and she’s not willing to die for Julie’s black skirt.
  2. I did j'adore Brandy's hair flicks massively for reasons unknown.
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  3. While it doesn't reach the heights of perfect-ness that Helen's chase did the one with Vocal Bible, Nancy and Julie is really good stuff. The glass budget was off the charts. No piece of glass was off limits for shattering!
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  4. One thing that annoyed me in I Still Know was that every time Ben moved his hook, even if it was in contact with nothing but air, it made that 'SCHING' look-a-sharp-thing! sound.
  5. Nancy is such a great character. I wish she was in it more.

    ‘Everyone’s a goddamn singer’ while J-Love takes on Gloria in the presence of BRANDY is such a kii
  6. Will Benson

    Will's Benson


  7. Plot twist of movie history! M. Night has been trying to top this his entire career.
  8. BTG


    I still want to know what Brandy actually did all night while the showdown was going on. I like to think she went to the karaoke machine and sang a few classics for her own entertainment.

  9. She sang her best song

  10. Brandy has finished falling in the Bahamas.

    I enjoyed the experience.
  11. I’m 12 minutes into The Entity and I’m terrified?
  12. My parents had this taped off the tv years back, I made it to maybe the second commercial break.
  13. There’s a review on IMBD where somebody said they saw it in the cinema AGED 6!
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  14. Ooo you've got me intrigued! I think I'll be watching this tonight based on your recommendation.
  15. Just to clarify I’m watching the 1982 film starring Black Swan and (the other) Insidious queen Barbara Hershey. Not whatever that 2015 monstrosity that keeps popping up is.
  16. Okay but what 90s pop star would have been in a Jennifer Love Hewitt led ‘I’ll Always Know...’?

    Original had the ‘Barenaked’ songstress herself, ‘I Still Know’ had the vocal bible, how do we follow these girls?
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  17. Considering The Vocal Bible was indestructible, then her again!

    Although casting Monica opposite her in the sequel would have been genius.
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  18. I hope that James Wan produced I Know What You Did Last Summer show is still a thing. Or they cancel it and get that Mike Flannigan script for a remake made with a supporting role by SMG.
  19. BTG


    I'm watching Halloween 5 and I know they rushed into things to meet a release date etc, but did anyone ever explain why chose to kill Rachel early and give Tina the big sacrificial moment saving Jamie later?

    There's something very ick about taking 4's resourceful heroine and making her run around in a towel before killing her off after 20 minutes.
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  20. Well The Entity certainly felt like a forgotten classic. It was very much The Exorcist x The Amityville Horror x Poltergeist (released the same year weirdly) and despite the ending feeling important in the grand scheme of things, it was still all a little underwhelming,
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