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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yes, it was a bit of a mess. Too many ideas from other, much better, films that jarred together. It felt like a bad rehash of the first series of AH.
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  2. I'm about to delve into this, which looks like any other Canadian slasher also-ran from the 80s, but also goes by the name The AIDS Murders (!) and concerns a killer offing gays.

    Wondering if it will be a homophobic pos or too stupid to achieve even that.
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  3. The scenery and that house though

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  4. BTG


    Even the coded language of City in Panic...

    I’ve said this before, but I don’t know how we’ve not had a fun, gay slasher movie in this day and age. I know there was Hellbent but that was a lifetime ago.
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  5. There was The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror as well, but that's... just demented sub-John Waters stuff, and that Midnight Kiss episode of Into the Dark, which was also a bit flat.
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  6. You know that radio caller in the beginning of the movie that says she's in love with Michael Myers, I just know she could be a PJ user.
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    Me on the phone to Barry Simms about H20 being wiped from continuity.

  8. I didn't get all the hype over The Producer's Cut. It was boring.

    Props for the Agnetha costumes though:

  9. Both versions are shit but the actual ‘Halloween 6’ is better than the producers cut.
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  10. Hm I like the theatrical one, it had a real sense of Halloweenieness to it, inventive kills, Paul Rudd looking delish, and that pretty awesome strobe light operating room sequence.
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    Again, I say this every time it comes up, but I love the weird 90s grunge vibe to the T-Cut. It’s such an interesting anomaly in the slasher genre. Removed from the 80s fun but literally just before Scream changed the game. There isn’t another slasher like it.

    The P-Cut is more like 4 and 5. A little old fashioned but still aiming for that ‘classier’ vibe that Halloween liked to have. I give it points for more Donald Pleasance and an attempt at more suspense.
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  12. Knife + Heart kind of qualifies. Tonally it’s quite the mess and never decides if it wants to be camp fun or psychological horror or artsy experimentation but the aesthetic is to die for and the killer is genuinely creepy.
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    Wait. How have I never heard of this? Vanessa Paradis? Set in the 70’s? An M83 soundtrack? I’m there.
  14. It’s available to stream on mubi’s recently opened library!
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    Yath. Let me start that free trial.
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  16. Not sure if this has ever been posted in here before, but thought I'd share it. It was extremely interesting.
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  17. For the American Glass Smashers/Karlamoters, I Still Know... is now on Hulu.

    (The menu page has it listed with the poster from the first film, but little victories)
  18. OK so this was fucking hilarious.

    Those of you around long enough to remember playground behaviour in the 80s when kids would screech "You've got AIDS!!!" - well, that's almost verbatim what the killer says when unmasked at the end of this.

    That said, it's not as homophobic as feared. Sure, gays barely feature as anything other than promiscuous victims (one guy stick his cock through a gloryhole while the killer is on the other side - ouch), but the main (straight) character repeatedly bats off stupidity surrounding the disease and the only openly homophobic character is a total buffoon. A vital misunderstanding of AIDS proves this purely hopped on to a bandwagon for a plot device, HIV doesn't get a mention, if you get it you go straight to AIDS and die!

    Some of the fashion choices were frankly more offensive. Yellow chequered pant suit? No, dear.
  19. nn the way this just jumped to the top of my weekend watchlist... a serve yup! (i've never seen this before, and no I don't care if I spoiled it for myself)
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  20. Sounds like my kind of trash.
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