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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Have at it!

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  2. This still annoys me. Obviously I'm glad we got another JLC Halloween movie. I'm glad it smashed. I'm glad I enjoyed it so much. I'm glad we're getting 2 sequels with early signs pointing to the fact that they'll be great. I'm glad Judy Greer said ''gotcha!''

    But to act like a film as good as H20 just doesn't exist when it's great and the final 20 minutes especially is peak cinema?

  3. Watching the 4k of Jaws right now. Really love this movie and it looks great!
  4. Besides, where else would you get LL Cool J reading erotic poetry to his woman in the midst of a killing spree.

  5. BTG


    Exactly. Writing it out of continuity gives the impression that all the sequels are shit. The series’ problem is that when they create a good one, they inevitably followed it up with shit. Which I hope they’ve learned their lesson from ddddd
  6. I really do think it’s it’s the “brother/sister” plot line they dislike as opposed to the sequels, John Carpenter has gone on record to say that it’s something he always regrets. I think discarding the sequels, thus removing that plot point, gives them a cleaner pathway to tell the story they want to tell with these three films.
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  7. Yes and no - I don't see what Michael's motivation to catch Laurie would be after 40 years though, if she's a total stranger?

    It doesn't bother me anymore, I was peeved in '98 when they just wrote off 3 films entirely. Mixed as those sequels are, people still put their hard work into making them good (debatable, obvs) and to see that shit all over must've been hard. Or, it's the movie business, they got paid and maybe no one cared?
  8. Well he doesn’t really, in H18 he just returns to Haddonfield, she pretty much inserts herself into the situation and it’s more her pursuit of Michael. Of course I don’t know how the other two will play out.

    With H20 it’s a tough one because, they obviously wanted Laurie to have a child, someone for Laurie to fight for, but they wanted him to be grown up for the plot. But then it’s makes it difficult as to why she would have kept her 17 year old son, but abandoned her older daughter, which is probably why they pretended 4, 5 and 6 never happened. I do wonder if there ever was a script for H20 that incorporated Jamie Lloyd.
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  9. There was a scene in a script where another student read a report on 'the Haddonfield murders' that linked it all, but it was never filmed.
  10. I could understand wanting to go after Laurie as she's "the one that got away" (maybe he's a Katycat), but yeah, I wish they'd explore in the sequels why is he so fixated with her if it's not by family ties.

    I've always found it funny how Michael knows how to drive, I can imagine him getting his driver license at the DMV. That and his uber fixation with killing people in public toilets.
  11. Update on this: I watched I Know... last night and I really enjoyed it! You all were right, the production design and lighting are fantastic. Aside from some lens flare abuse and JLH's piercing scream I couldn't fault it once it started going. I really was not prepared for how intense and long Sarah Michelle Gellar's chase scene was. I'm kinda sad I missed out on this back in the 90s.
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    Yeah, Kevin Williamson was quite keen to keep the sequels in continuity in many of the early pitches and drafts. I imagine it was Dimension who didn’t their post Scream slasher having as much baggage.

    I knew you’d enjoy it. Nostalgia or not, there’s a lot to like and it’s a very well made film - even if it isn’t the Scream clone it was marketed as.

    Now prepare to stan Brandy.
  13. I remember that around this time was when de-canonising earlier installments was a BIG DEAL. When Jaws: The Revenge did it a decade before, they drew absolutely no attention to it, but I recall a lot of the Halloween: H20 promo made a point of saying that it ignored the four earlier films. Nowadays such a thing is just a footnote in the wiki page.

    Maybe H20 was one of the first movies that proved that mainstream audiences would accept a second continuity.
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  14. Just got my copy too, gonna watch this weekend.

    I am glad they discounted all previous sequels in the Halloween series for H18. It gave them carte blanche to go where they wanted and not have to worry about continuity. We would have spotted every single detail 'out of place'.

    Too be fair the idea of Michael Myers coming back even 4 times seems far fetched. 10 or so times seems seems a little ridiculous. Jason was essentially supernatural but apart from the runes crap, Michael wasn't.
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  15. I thought it was a good move to have Halloween 2018 be a direct sequel and I love H20. The movie still exists so its fine for me. Sometimes I want to watch 78, H2 and then H20. Sometime I want to watch just 78 and 2018. never want to watch 5, Resurrection and Rob Zombie trash.


    but make it Halloween!
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  16. Halloween 4 is honestly the one I am most offended about being written out of the canon - not once, but twice. It's so good.
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  17. "I have a right to do what's best for me."
    "Don't you mean what you do best?"
    "Wake up to what men want Rachel, or Brady won't be the first man you lose to another woman!"

    Great little bitch-off scene.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Doesn't Slaychel then pour scalding hot coffee on sissy's breasts?
  20. And not to mention while her officer father is in the house no less. Rachel did not give a single you know what.
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