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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Now you put me in the mood for an Italian. Have you seen The New York Ripper? Watched it recently and really liked.
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  2. I've only heard terrible things about it, so it must be worth a watch

    I went for Tenebre after the discussion on here a couple of weeks back. That score is unreal, and I forgot it plays with timey-wimey for it's reveal twist.
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  3. Me and my boyfriend are having a horror movie marathon week. The one he’s found the scariest so far is The Ring...

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  4. What else have you watched/are you watching?
  5. We’ve only got through Get Out and Us (for the first time), and a re-watch of both Conjurings, Hereditary and The Ring, so far.

    By the end of the weekend I want to get through all of: The Shining, The Exorcist, The Babadook, The Descent, The Witch, Texas Chainsaw, Scream (at least 1), Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien... Haven’t got as far as planning next week yet.
  6. The Ring is pretty creepy to be honest especially the closet scene.

    Tonight's watch may be the original Fright Night. It's been awhile and I am in the mood for Chris Sarandon rocking a sweater like no one else.
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  7. I watched Maniac Cop: Extended Version

    I love Larry Cohen, especially Q, God Told Me To, The Ambulance and The Stuff.

    This was okay I guess. I thought it was the worst performance from Bruce Campbell, he just didn't seem to be into it.

    Also I wish I had just seen the regular version, avoid the extended cut. It randomly has irrelevant additional sequences featuring Ken Lerner as Mayor Killium and Leo Rossi as the Mayor's Aide.

    The tone of those sequences don't fit, are in terrible visual quality and suddenly the sound in 500% louder for 2 minutes, it kind of ruined it.
  8. The Ring is incredible, you take that back!
  9. Just got done watching (what I believe to be a pretty unknown movie from 2006) Population 436. It wasn’t fantastic but was certainly worth a watch. Some very dodgy editing and just plain weird scene transitions but it did a decent job creating mystery & was lucky to have Jeremy Sisto as the lead who really carries the movie.
  10. On Sleepaway Camp III now. Between this and the previous film, Pamela Springsteen is a bitsy iconic, no?
  11. Okay I will most likely get banned but while I really, really like Fright Night I don't love it. Chris Sarandon is amazing, magnetic and sexy as hell (he could turn me anytime, my neck is willing and waiting), and the practical effects are wonderful. I do think maybe because it was his first film but Tom Holland's directing was a bit awkward sometimes, the pacing was off and the character of Charlie a bit annoying.

    I still really enjoy it though and at the end of the day I will take the 80's charm over a lot of the slick, CGI stuff we get nowadays. I want to check out the sequel as I'm not sure I've ever even see that one in full.
  12. It's not as good but very enjoyable. They work very well as a back to back.
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  13. I don't know if this film has been mentioned, but I highly recommend it!
    It has a bit of a shocker of a title (it felt weird typing the title in into google search) but it is more creepy and psychological than violent.

    It is a 1976 Spanish horror film, but not really like other horror films at the time.

    A couple of English tourists rent a boat to visit the fictitious island of Almanzora, just off the southern Spanish coast. When they arrive, they find the town deserted of adults, there's only children who don't speak but stare at them with eerie smiles. They soon discover that all the children of the island have been posessed by a mysterious force or madness which they can pass from one to another

    In a way I would compare it to The Birds unsettling, downbeat eerie atmosphere.
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  14. The Ring has incredible atmosphere.
  15. Dddd I haven't even seen Fright Night.
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  16. Oh it's wonderful Hen, get it seen.
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  17. I’ve never seen the original but I have seen the remake, with the friendlier title “Come Out and Play”..... it was, fine.
  18. [​IMG]

    Whew, Chris Sarandon was a total DILF
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  19. The iconic cover for Fright Night was one of the ones I was obsessed with in the video shop as a child.

  20. This and The Guardian used to scare us as kids. We'd run past the window displays.
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