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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Didn't know Anna Friel was in this, looks decent.
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  2. Sign me up
  3. Yes, good to see Anna Friel. The original film was OK but too low budget to have an impact. This looks a bit better.
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  4. Aagh - Britt Roberts about to get an injection into the eyeball - that's nightmare fuel already.
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  5. Not a horror but I watched Memoirs of an Invisible Man for the first time and even though I can't stand Chevy Chase (thankfully he was mostly invisible) it was a fun, slightly silly movie, but very enjoyable with some amazing and funny special effects.
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  6. She's watching The Box with Miz Diaz, i don't know a more dull film.

  7. It's OK but nothing to write home about. A lot of his latter films after In The Mouth... seemed diluted in Carpenter style, aside from Ghosts... Even 'Escape From L.A. is slightly lacking. I think he was very much contractually obliging the studio, rather than having a passion for the projects.
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  8. So I re-watched Urban Legends: Final Cut for it's anniversary and......it's fine. The way Brenda sweeps in at the end with one line though and completely overshadows the rest of the movie. A queen!

  9. I was reading about Ghosts Of Mars earlier. I think I should give it another go after I read these quotes from Carpenter.

    Responding to the criticism towards the film, Carpenter stated he was intentionally trying to make Ghosts of Mars as over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek as possible. He claimed he was trying to make a mindless and silly, yet highly entertaining and thrilling, action flick where "the universe allows its characters and plot points to be silly without becoming full-fledged comedies", akin to 80s movies like Commando, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Predator. Looking back on the film and its criticism, he stated he was frustrated that most people thought the film was meant to be a serious horror movie, and feels that he should've made the film more openly comedic and "in on the joke", saying "I have no power over what critics say, but when people complained about the movie being campy and not scary...the name of the movie is Ghosts Of Mars, I figured the campiness would be self-explanatory."
  10. Pretty much what he did for 'Big Trouble In Little China'. I have to re-watch sometime as I have never really enjoyed it but might give another go now I'm older.
  11. I didn't enjoy it the first time I watched it either. Love Big Trouble In Little China as well
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  12. BTG


    Dddddd the camp element is not the problem with Ghosts of Mars, John. It’s the saving grace of a bad film.
  13. Not John Carpenter giving us a "No, it's Leigh Bowery, girl" moment.
  14. I do find Ghosts of Mars enjoyable in it's cheesiness but it would have been so much better if Jason Statham was the lead instead of Ice Cube as he wanted until the studio forced him. Natasha Henstridge will always be an icon to me plus Pam Grier, Clea Duvall and then Joanna "I'm right on top of that rose!"Cassidy in this scene sends me every time with the amazing greenscreen.

  15. This is a riot from start to finish. And so violent. That vacuum bag kill - horrible.
  16. This looks terrifying but also fantastic.

    I wish someone would have the guts to adapt the Books of Blood story about the mafia hit man who ends up possessing a shroud. It's nuts and something only Clive Barker could come up with.
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  17. I say “I’m right on top of that Rose!” all the time. Nobody ever gets it though.
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  19. I feel bad that Cameron tried to pivot to dramatic acting in 2009 and the world was collectively like "no".
  20. Tremors 4k was announced today along with Maniac Cop 2 & 3 4k. I’ve never seen any of the Manic Cop movies but always wanted too. Very excited to finally have a nice edition of Tremors.
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