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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I got it for $10.80 because Amazon gave me a random $5 credit and I had a refund balance on my account. Not a bad deal. I ordered it as soon as I saw it was available. The first one is so good. I've been really enjoying it.
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  2. I’m watching Jason Takes Manhattan. Where exactly is this boat setting off from? I understood Crystal Lake was in the New Jersey area? Who is hiring a cruise liner to cross the Hudson?
  3. BTG


    The way no one in Jason Takes Manhattan understands how a lake works! Iconic!
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  4. I watched I Know What You Did earlier and it holds up very well!
  5. I watched The Skeleton Key (2005) last night. That film would certainly need to be... reframed if it were made in 2020. But overall, I loved it. We love a good twist.
  6. Or how the underground sewage tunnels of New York apparently release a stream of Toxic Waste every night. Sickening!
  7. I wonder how much Jennifer Love Hewitt made from Ellie Goulding sampling her on Love Me Like You Do.

    what are yOU WAITING FOORRRRR!!
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  9. Jason Takes Manhattan AKA Jason Goes To Vancouver
  10. Tell them it's a book about baking cakes.
  11. ‘Jason Takes Vancouver’ would have been massively improved if they switched the two boring leads for Wayne & Eva as the final two.
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  12. I like the movie until they abandon ship. The land scenes were really boring.
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  13. All the Friday talk is making me want to rewatch them. It's been a minute.
  14. I just watched this


    A decent film though, the fourth story was especially fun
    Although was the babysitter’s hand being seemingly completely fine just moments after being crunched up in a meat mincer a continuity error or what ddd
  15. Parts 1, 2, and 4 really are terrific films. 2 will always be my favourite.
  16. BTG


    Like with Nightmare 2, Friday 2 is a franchise best.
  17. I’ve had Urban Legend recorded on my Sky Q box for over a year now and last night I decided to finally give it a watch. I’ve only ever seen it once before.
    The orange and brown tones looked great for this time of year.

    Quick question though. Tara Reid’s death scene didn’t show a lot compared to others. I didn’t see what she looked like when the police woman found her. Was I watching an edited version?
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  18. No, you never see the aftermath
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  19. I quite like part 3 as well to be honest, if you can overlook all the “point things at the camera on purpose” stuff
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