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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Haunt was my viewing of choice tonight and I thought it was a really effective slasher. Having it set in a haunted house attraction really allowed it to utilise jump scares/creative set pieces without it seeming too contrived. Some of the scenes were genuinely pretty scary (the sheets over the mannequins stands out the most) which is pretty rare for a slasher movie. I liked how abrupt the last scene was, I thought it was pretty funny. Agreed that the killers were scarier without their masks, I wish we got to see more of them without them on.
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  2. This is why basic cable is the worst source for horror films. You never reap the rewards.
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  3. Or they go to a commercial break in the middle of a climatic scene.
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  4. And yet they had no problem showing Paris get bludgeoned to death in House of Wax.

    Programmer obviously doesn’t stan for Stars are Blind.
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  5. I'm on to Friday the 13th Part V and Melanie Kinnaman's commentary (along with the women who played Vi and Tina) is hilarious. She bitches incessantly about the wardrobe choices, the continuity, and says the director was a dick to her for most of it.

    She and Reggie were supposed to return for VI but John Shepard's religious beliefs got in the way and they re-set it all. I mean, Tommy was still in it so they still could've crowbarred them in if they wanted to.

    The film is still king of the trash heap.
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  6. I’m watching Candyman and...nothing is happening.
  7. That film is the absolute pits. The whodunnit twist and the paramedics performance being as subtle as a sledgehammer.
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  8. Part V has a kindof likeable naff quality to it, if you squint a bit.
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  9. On another forum I visit, somebody said the Part V commentary is an absolute mess/highly entertaining so I definitely need to watch the movie with the commentary. Possibly the only way I could watch that movie as 5 is probably my least favourite in the series.

    I barely ever watch movies with commentary anymore. I remember when laserdiscs came out, it was such a big deal to watch a movie with commentary.
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  10. They might have meant the volume is all over the place. You can barely hear them half the time then suddenly they’re yelling.

    Isn’t it weird that the killer offs everyone except the guy who actually killed his son!? It’s such a dumbass movie but I love it.
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  11. I’m watching ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ on 5Star. I think this was the first horror film I ever bought on DVD.
  12. I have spent the last 15 years refusing to buy bare bones DVDs or reluctantly buying blurays with little extra content (which is becoming the norm in the streaming age) but I have also spent approx 2 hours of the last 15 years even watching or listening to any extra content.
  13. Sounds like me! But I find lately I am watching the special features. The Scream ones for Friday the 13th, Hell Night, and Silver Bullet are really good. And there is an excellent documentary about the making of House of Wax on the Blu-Ray.
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  14. BTG



    I, of course, am watching it. 5STAR continues to be iconic.

    Susie Willis being buried on the island is a gag. I never noticed how ridiculous it is.
  15. I watched Evil Dead tonight, and it's still an absolute ride. Shiloh is hot as, it's full of gore, and Jane Levy is spellbinding. I love the final twist up, and it's just such relentless fun.
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  16. I'm really gonna have to check out Haunt, I've seen posters... but no trailer or anything.

    I've been getting ads of some pretty good looking horror movies this month on Youtube. I got one for a movie called Spiral last night and I'm gonna check that out this weekend.
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  17. Spiral ain't worth the time, sweetie but Haunt is fantastic. It's like Hell Fest done exactly right.
  18. Haunt was OK, I guess.
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  19. I re-watched The Ring this evening. I actually forgot how chilling it was at times.
  20. Watched Bad Hair and it was actually really good. I did like the first half more before things started getting really crazy though a bit better. The lead actress was fantastic.
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