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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. That Cub scene was equal parts disturbing and funny.

    I have a love/hate relationship with The Burning. It has that golden era aesthetic which is yay but it also has Alfred, the girl who looks right at the camera, a streak of misogyny and a pretty weak final act. Other than that it’s almost perfect.
  2. I love it for its gorgeous setting, a great prologue and epilogue, an insanely weird looking villain (who looks like a melting candle more than burned skin for some reason), and that raft scene. Its bested only by Friday the 13th Part 2 and My Bloody Valentine for me, in terms of golden era slashers.

    The Prowler is also up there.
  3. I enjoy that whole final chase scene through the woods into the mine building... superb atmospheric setting.
    Of course, it would have been boosted if Michelle was the final girl, but it is what it is.
  4. The Prowler loses me with those reeeeeally long drawn out scenes of nothing. The murder scenes are among the best out there though.
  5. Nancy Drew Meets The Pitchfork Slasher
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  6. No One:

    Me: Watches a 30 minute YouTube video about the entirety of the Blair Witch mythology.
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  7. I watched Fulchi's The Psychic (1977)

    It was really good, not the expected over the top gore scenes. It is still violent, but has much more of a story/plot than his more dream like films and the characters have a little more depth. I loved it.

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  8. So... The Dark and the Wicked.
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  9. Which one, sis? I love these!

    Also, has some enterprising horror cig uploaded the Sci-Fi Channel special that accompanied the film's release?
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  10. Yes, I half expect her to run into Charles Durning running around going nowhere in the middle of 'When A Stranger Calls'.
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  11. This one!
  12. Re-watching the Mother's Day remake. It's decent. Worth it for Rebecca De Mornay who always brings it as a psycho. It is way to long though and I felt Darren Lynn Bousman shoe-horned in some Saw like situations just because.
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  13. I can remember really liking Freddy vs Jason, then just casually liking it, then thinking WTF was I thinking??, then avoiding it, and now I'm watching it almost catatonically.

    That Pinball sequence... WHAT??? WHY??
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  14. Freddy vs Jason gave us one of cinema's most iconic ad-lib

  15. Yes, it's pretty good although bears almost no relation to the original film.
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  16. How good was it?? I've been meaning to watch but haven't decided.
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  17. I really liked it and found it genuinely scary. Some parts were very unsettling.
    Great performances too, especially by *checks Wikipedia* Marin Ireland. It is BLEAK though nn
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  18. I recently watched the original Ring and have finally decided to delve into J-Horror. I’ve only seen the US remake of the Grudge too. Can anyone recommend some please?
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  19. Dark Water
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  20. Not Japanese, but you might like a couple of Korean thriller/horror films: Lady Vengeance and Old Boy.
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