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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love The Ruins! I remember at the time being a Laura Ramsey stan for this flick and She's the Man, so sure she would go on to be a star. It really is a great cast, I've had a lowkey crush on Shawn Ashmore since I was like 8 years old watching Cadet Kelly.
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  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I watched Starry Eyes last night. The...mucus on the dumbbell, I can't stop thinking about it.
  3. A bit late posting this, but wanted to share what I watched for this year's 31 Days of Halloween. Didn't manage to make it to 31 this year - it always feel like everything starts going on in October - and it was a pretty mixed bag. But definitely found some gems that I will go back to.

    1. The Last House On The Left (2009)
    2. Prom Night (2008)
    3. The First Purge
    4. I See You
    5. Hunt
    6. Lake Mungo
    7. Dead Silence
    8. Slender Man
    9. The Lodge
    10. The Babysitter: Killer Queen
    11. Noroi: The Curse
    12. Black Sunday
    13. Overlord
    14. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
    15. Case 39
    16. Brahms: The Boy II
    17. The Unspoken
    18. House of the Witch
    19. Haunt
    20. Jason X
    21. Matriarch

    The Highs: Really enjoyed Haunt (it's probably one of my favourite horror films of recent years), Noroi, Dead Silence and The Unspoken. Lake Mungo was also genuinely creepy in places.

    The Lows: I mentioned it here recently but Brahms was terrible. Killer Queen had its moments, but overall was a pretty pointless sequel. Slender Man was what I was expecting and yet somehow worse. I also don't know how I let Netflix dupe me into thinking it would be good.
  4. I’m currently binge watching some Friday the 13th content on YouTube.

  5. BTG


    I never want to see that guy’s thumbnail face ever again.

  6. She’s watching Friday The 13th Part 3 tonight. Yes that’s right, she’s seasonal.
  7. Equally, that side photo on the second one is very Grindr/Tinder profile..

    I'm an emo that likes rawk music XD, good times, and Pokémon Go ^_^
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  8. And that terrible TV adaptation of Animorphs.
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  9. Kind of a surreal dark fairy tale with horror elements from 2017. Also quite funny.

  10. Keep YouTubers out of the horror thread challenge. Do that challenge.
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  11. Except spookyastronauts. Because I quite like spookyastronauts.
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  12. Happy Friday The 13th! Watching Jason Goes To Hell now. Not my fav but it’s next in line.

    Edit: Gosh the music in this is horrible.
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  13. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Anyone watch Knife+Heart and recommend? Queer horror piqued my interest.
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  14. I watched Jason Lives tonight hens

    I win, for once
  15. I watched Unhinged. I can't stand Russell Crowe but he was ok as an overweight creep....surprised? I did find the lead girl a bit bland. Overall it was well paced and a decent diversion.
  16. It’s fabulous. Gory, funny, lashings of Giallo flair, and very, very French.
    Queer as all hell, too.

    Snap! It’s top 5, for sure.
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  17. She’s watching In The Tall Grass. I can’t believe I missed this Patrick Wilson horror.
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  18. It's...not good though Dddd.
  19. It’s fucking dreadful, just keep walking, don’t look back.
  20. I actually passed out 15 mins in and woke up and checked here. I guess I shouldn’t try again.


    UNLESS we get to see Daddy Wilson’s ass?
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