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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Last night I saw 'Run' too! Mama, it was camp. Someone really liked 'The Act' (the whole cinema scene felt very inspired by it), but it was fun.
  2. BTG



    This arrived today!
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  3. Silent Hill: Revelations is a fucking mess from start to finish and you know what else? I can't stop watching it when I see it on Dddd. It's one of those iconic camp disasters, like the 2006 Black Christmas remake, where I am entertained throughout. I would never call it a good or even a decent movie but it's a car crash I can't turn away from. Also, that mannequin spider is disturbing as hell.
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  4. It's garbage day

    (Shame they couldn't get the third for a Ricky Trilogy...)
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  5. III was really boring though. It had an entire cast of like 8 actors?

    I never bothered with 4 or 5 but have heard nothing good.
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  6. The Grudge 2k20 is shite. Not tense, not scary, just various shades of orange and brown and a waste of an insanely talented cast.
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  7. It really is one of the ugliest horror films ever made, isn't it? The shades of ochre and umber are just an eyesore. Maybe even worse than the puke greens of the Saw franchise.
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  8. Does anyone know if it's been said that recent Dawn of the Dead remaster will be issued without all the bells and whistles? I'm not really fussed about the extras, but it'd be nice to have a cheaper Bluray pack with the three cuts.

    Also while on the subject, what's the current best non-boxset-type releases for Night and Day of the Dead? Looking to upgrade once Christmas is out of the way.
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  9. The first film is genuinely great. Atmospheric and well acted.* Pulling the soundtrack directly from the games was such a nice touch. I love it!

    *Well, except for Sharon/Alessa... Though she's better as Alessa. Kids in horror movies are so hit and miss.
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  10. So glad I'm not the only one who found the new Grudge so god damn ugly looking. The coloring was atrocious. That stupid giant monster movie with The Rock also had those similar puke color tints to it.

  11. Everyone stream, purchase, gift and buy the aesthetically pleasing and terrifying horror films The Dark and The Wicked and Possessor TODAY! A perfect Thanksgiving double-feature for the whole family.

    Oh and also this.
  12. Lin Shaye probably regrets taking that check. The entire cast doesn't deserve to be associated with such utter dreck.
  13. Arrow normally do but not for a while.

    I have a couple editions of 'Night' but none are not hugely impressive in terms of the new 'Dawn' Boxset, but good none the less. The criterion one is the best Night of the Living Dead (1968) | The Criterion Collection You can get it for a decent price on Amazon.

    The 'Day' one I got is the 2012 Arrow Blu Ray. It's pretty impressive but it goes for silly money now. The Australian release is very good, much better than the US Blu Ray edition.
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  14. There aren't enough Thanksgiving horrors Hens...

    is in need of a HD release, and let's never forget that that's not Cranberry Sauce
  15. I have never seen 'Home Sweet Home'. The guy looks like he failed the audition for The Incredible Hulk TV series and was pissed about it.
  16. Oh my god ochre and umber, consider that stolen!

    But yeah, absolutely agreed. Ms Kayako and her vocal fry are tired at this point, and the non linear narrative was more annoying than intriguing. And is it just me, or was there a misogynist streak running through the whole thing?
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  17. BTG


    I was not aware they were doing a Black Narcissus remake for TV until the trailer was posted in the other thread.

    Will it be a 90 minute story padded out to mini series length with sexy dream sequences? Maybe so.
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  18. It's so so weird. The clown-faced make-up guy is entertaining when he offers to play his guitar for the killer if he stops murdering someone... And the little girl grew up to be the teen lead in Hocus Pocus and some other stuff.
  19. The fact you didn't tag me in this. Maybe you should go slap some more lipstick on, you possessed wench!!
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  20. I watched Haunter with Abigail Breslin again today, where she's in an afterlife time loop - it's total YA-fiction-for-girls stuff but I really like it. The little brother with the camp voice... hope he's living his best life now.
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