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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. How iconic is the sequel though
  2. I mean, I'd watch it.
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  3. Well, he needed to look a bit gay and Devon Sawa-esque levels of 'regular' for the character he's supposed to be. Beyond that I know nothing, other than the scarf was yellow before it was turned blue.
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  4. Although you have seen 60% of the film if you've seen the original as there are LOTS of flashbacks.
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  5. Watching The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ‘74 because a cannibal feast seems appropriate on Thanksgiving!
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  6. We are watching Nightbreed as our festive Thanksgiving viewing and I can't believe Clive Barker somehow secured a gigantic budget for this insane, weird epic.
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  7. Wait...I did not expect this to turn into a legitimately emotionally moving analogy about the cruel treatment of minorities by law enforcement and the world of psychiatry?
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  8. Any good Black Friday Horror Blu-Ray Deals girls?
  9. Re-watched Flowers in the Attic and can't say I liked it as much as when I was younger. It does have a nice atmosphere and haunting Christopher Young score yet the script is pretty weak. Also it feels like the ending was a hasty re-shoot although "EAT THE COOKIE!" should be iconic.
  10. People are wanging on about Vinegar Syndrome's sale. HD Wow don't appear to be doing 'owt.
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  11. Re-watching The Conjuring and reminded once again how much I hate jump scares.
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  12. They are quite a good label as the Blu Rays are multiregion but very few of their films are decent.
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  13. Yeah I noticed when I browsed. I like B-movies, but these are like... E-movies.
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  14. A lot of them are an acquired taste. I have a few of their films but they are normally stuff you don't admit to liking.
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  15. Haven't seen the movie yet (it's on my watch-list), but I read the book earlier this year. It was surprisingly terrifying. We had a similar case close to where I live fairly recently, so that made it hit uncomfortably close to home. The ending was surprisingly emotional as well, something I'm guessing the movie failed to capture, based on your comment.
  16. I'd already pre-ordered their Black Friday offerings, Fade To Black and the Forgotten Gialli 2 set were too much of a temptation, and I'm happy about Silent Maddness and Don't Panic. Three slashers I've yet to see all together.
    But there does not seem to be much elsewhere at all.

    The Flowers In The Attic books are glorious camp, I love love love the second one...
    Neither adaptions have lived up to the level of great trash they are.
    Though Louise Fletcher is at least memorable in the 80's version.
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  17. Haha... Don't Panic was terrible. Silent Madness is a cutie though, especially if they've restored the cut footage and 3D-ified it?
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  18. They’ve 3D’ed it, don’t know about any cut footage. I appreciate most terrible slashers from the 70s/80s (not modern ones though).
    I mean, I need Fatal Games on blu-ray immediately.
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  19. Oh My God yes! Give me that dodgy hi-res javelin action.
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  20. The topless chase scene is the high point of slasher hilarity. Me and my mates rewound it a hundred times when we last watched it pissed.
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