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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love the ending, despite how grossly un-PC it is. A terrific killer with a batshit stupid ass motive, though I always thought it was going to be the lesbian swimming coach.
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  2. And to think, Sally Kirkland was nominated for Best Actress half a decade later
  3. And to think, Sally Kirkland was nominated for Best Actress half a decade later
  4. My sister loves camp, but if you asked her about it she'd think you were talking about huts or tents. We had a movie night before Christmas last year, and I brought my Arrow's 'Flowers in the Attic', and she claimed it to be the best movie. Ever. Made.
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  5. Had to watch Blood Rage per the holiday, and Louise Lasser will never cease to cause laughter throughout.
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  6. 1 BR was pretty ok even if the ending kinda stole from
    the superior The Invitation
  7. Uno


    Just watched Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight on Netflix and was reeeally great. It was like Hatchet meets Wrong Turn, but a lot better. Highly recommend if you don’t mind subtitles (it’s in Polish).
  8. I was bored and stumbled upon the Seed of Chucky on Netflix, which I had seen when it came out and had not particularly liked it. How wrong I was! It was great fun. Jennifer Tilly was a good sport for doing this movie (or totally broke haha).

  9. ‘Don’t Listen’ on Netflix was great! Some nice twists to some of the traditional “haunted house” tropes. Was tempted to watch with subtitles (it’s Spanish) but actually the over dubs in English were done very well.
  10. Impetigore on Shudder is a decent little ghost thriller.
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  11. Come Play was pretty decent. The creature was pretty well realized especially when they used practical effects. It reminded me a lot of the recent movie "Z" but maybe slightly better.
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  12. This was good until the neverending ending. It was like some of the AHS series and over done it's conclusion.
  13. Watched Robert Altman’s Images last night and can’t stop thinking about it. It’s psychological horror in the vein of Don’t Look Now and Repulsion, though unfairly kind of forgotten in comparison to those two. Susannah York gives a performance for the ages.

    Highly recommended for a rainy afternoon watch. It’s on mubi.
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    Billy’s ass through.
  15. Checking out Come Play right now as the description from @Steve003 intrigued me. It's doing a decent job of character building so far.
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  16. A 10/10.

    Waiting a couple more weeks until I watch Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night and the Black Christmas remake but may watch lesser holiday horrors Christmas Evil and To All a Goodnight sooner. I also enjoy Krampus but it's a different vibe.

    I've never seen any others, are there any I should track down? I've always meant to watch Silent Night (2012) but never got around to it.
  17. Better Watch Out was a cute girl.
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    I did not expect that lingering shoot of his ass.

    It’s also an... unusual film? I wasn’t expecting the first third to be all flashback? And no Final Girl at all, unless you count the nun.

    I’ll save Black Christmas for drunken late Christmas Eve viewing and pretend I’m Olivia Hussey.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Watched The Last Winter yesterday, it's a shame the CGI stuff happened because other than that it was a genuinely creepy film. Plus Zach Gilford naked.
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