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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. Watched House On Haunted Hill on HBO Max. I haven't seen it in over a decade. I really love this movie. Queen Famke Janssen is amazing in it.
  3. BTG


    House on Haunted Hill is gay rights.

    Mama, the aesthetic. Famke serving CUNT in every season. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras adding to her iconique 90s filmography. Ali Larter. Lisa Loeb.
  4. I watched Bride Of Re-Animator.

    It was okay, I loved the directors film Society and the original so much more though. It only had moments of greatness like the ending which was a little 'borrowed' from Freaks.
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  5. Don't forget Chris Kattan! Also, scream at me thinking it was a visual masterpiece at age 12 because I had never seen Jacob's Ladder before.
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  6. House of Wax> Orphan > House on Haunted Hill> 13 Ghosts> Gothika> Ghost Shit (minus the iconic opening)
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  7. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer>>>>

  8. If only queen Karla could have been in 13 Ghosts. Thats a lot of glass for her to bust through!
  9. The fact that the Vocal Bible didn’t star in The Glass House...that’s homophobia.
  10. I watched The Rental last night and had mixed feelings - all of which have been echoed here. Beautifully shot, good performances, decent premise, and genuinely scary villain. But keeping all the scares until the final 20 minutes was a choice, the melodrama that dominated the film was weak/annoying (I was praying all the characters would die), and I found the ending extremely frustrating. A solid attempt, but I can’t recommend it.

    So I would have loved if they’d stuck to the random/unidentified killer angle, but they spent so much time at the end uselessly explaining everything that it ended up making zero sense to me. So the property manager was killed, leading one to believe the murderer was his brother/the landlord, but how did the police not catch him after a group of dead bodies were found on his property - or if they were disposed of, a group of people went missing while staying on his property. And then he rents another property to use as a rental property to murder unsuspecting renters but how do the police/the AirBnb-like service not catch onto another random property where the renters keep ending up dead/missing (that is also coincidentally being run by the landlord of a previous rental property that has served as a crime scene)?
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  11. Uno


    The Rental pissed me off because A) it was a fantastic film without the “horror” aspect B) if you’re gonna make it horror, then commit to it. It was literally 15min of slasher after so much build up.

    As a horror fanatic, it’s weird for me to admit that the “horror” aspect of The Rental ruined what was otherwise a great film. It was good with just the love-triangle drama, to be honest. The killer aspect left a clunky, void feeling of needing more.
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  12. While I don’t necessarily think it worked as a domestic drama either, what I do agree with is that it felt like 2 films spliced together at the last moment because it couldn’t commit to either one. And as a result, it fails being good at either one of them.
  13. Watching Dressed to Kill again. That museum scene....


    When Brian DePalma was on. He was ON! I might watch Blowout soon as I'm not sure I've ever seen it in full.

    Update: although it rubs me a bit wrong that as soon as the horny ass housewive gets her rocks off she reads a paper saying she may now have a VENEREAL disease! With actual exclamation point. Then gets killed two seconds later! The misogyny!
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  14. BTG


    Oh, Dressed to Kill is super problematic. And that’s without even touching on the transphobia.

    It’s beautifully made, and high camp. Much like Cruising, it captures a dirty, grimy New York that doesn’t exist anymore and I love it for that reason.
  15. I'm on Creep 2. I did not expect that towel drop.
  16. BTG


    She’s watching Candyman.
  17. Voces a.k.a. Don't Listen was great but I'm very tired of The Conjuring jump scare formula. A.k.a. creepy figure over here but LOUD SCREECHING NOISE I'M ACTUALLY OVER THERE!!
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  18. I adore Dressed to Kill. I agree it's problematic but agree with @BTG that it captures the late '70s/early '80s New York City like no other film (aside from Cruising).

    Blow Out is also very good. But it's not fun like Dressed to Kill is. It's rather downbeat. John Travolta, Nancy Allen and John Lithgow are excellent.
  19. I will never ever defend the transphobia in this film but I will defend this. Kate is our hero and we are absolutely with her from the beginning. This is supposed to put us the viewer through the ringer as much as her. After years of being in this loveless marriage it is showing that Kate is in no way prepared for this new decade or this new New York. Do I think DePalma has issues with woman? Absolutely, Nancy Allen has said as much. Do I see this as "punishing" Kate? No.
  20. I still haven't gotten round to Dressed to Kill.
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