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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. K thanks babe. Anymore before I download?
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  2. You can't go wronger than And All Through The House from Tales From The Crypt
  3. Boyfriend gave me a Camp Crystal Lake sign!!:

  4. I hear The Maze is excellent.
  5. My boyfriend surprised me with the Black Christmas Blu-Ray so we could enjoy it on our Christmas Eve.

    @Judy Jetson Hooker Silent Night, Deadly Night and Christmas Evil are both musts. They're both mindless, silly fun. But also give Krampus a go.
  6. The Creepshow Holiday Special on Shudder is worth it just for the amazing eye candy at the end. I was just a hole.
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  7. Christmas Evil is kind of boring and a little uncomfortable to watch for me. Not even sure why, I just always feel sad rather than entertained. To All A Good Night is an absolute riot though!
  8. Watched Deadly Games aka Dial Code Santa Claus and just found it fine. It looks great but it just didn't keep me engaged.
  9. Same. I mean that body and that voice. Nobody cares about his atrocious acting.
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  10. The Beach House is a bit of slimy fun isn't it?
    I prefer it over the slightly same themed Sea Fever, that was a bit boring.
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  11. Finally picked up Scream Factory's release of Ghost Ship. The special effects have dated but Desmond is still a snack.
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  12. That opening scene is still one of the best.
  13. I’m watching Unhinged. This movie is pretty batshit crazy and I kind of like it.
  14. BTG


    The TV remake of Black Narcissus is starting tonight in the UK and I’m excited for the trash of it all.
  15. The 1982 one? Low key classic. That first murder...
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  16. Actually it’s the newer one. However I’ll have to check that other one out now that I know it exists. Looks interesting from what I read about it.
  17. Argh! The “remake” was terrible. The only ones who died the non-heterosexuals?? No ma’am.
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  18. Hmm well the Night of the Demons remake was utter and complete shite.
  19. As was 3, what did you expect?
  20. A previous sequel doesn't mean the remake is going to be total shite. Just look at The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th.
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