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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. True, especially with TCM. Why some of you hold the Friday remake anywhere over a 2/5 I will never know.

    Escape Room was fun...
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  2. It was way better than I was expecting, characters who weren't all total assholes for a change (up to the upside down bar room anyway).
  3. It looked like a student film from Hollyoaks rejects.
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  4. Greta was great silly camp fun. Of course Stephen Rea showed up.
  5. I just watched The Babadook and
  6. I watched Host, and a very successful 55 minutes it is.
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  7. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    One of my favorite movies of the year, honestly.
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  8. This one turned out so much better than expected. It escalates at just the right pace and actually gives us a perfect "pay off."
  9. The face app part in Host creeped me out so much.
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  10. I always feel really smart watching Prince of Darkness. Thinking about lofty ideas like metaphysics, tachyons, and anti-matter.
    And then it finishes and I’m like “it was funny when the green goo went in that woman’s mouth.”

    But yeah, Prince of Darkness, what a banger.
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  11. Ok maybe not a 'true' horror flick but I re-visited 1998's 'Hush'. I remember watching it in my early teens and being weirded out by scenes of mother & son kissing on the lips! Johnathon Schaech was such a babe though, but damn was his character aggravating. I was surprised to learn this flopped in its day & even queen Lange had not so kind words to say about this movie.
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  12. The part that got me was
    when the girl is filming her attic and you briefly see a corpse's feet hanging there. Upon a second watch it made me realize how the demon was imitating and mocking the fake story about the friend who hung himself.
  13. Ponytail girl who hides under a blanket had me cackling
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  14. Uno


    Pigtails under the blanket was my favorite one. I was cackling when she was crying and the snake filter kept showing up on her face.

    Overall, a really fun movie. I was spooked quite a few times.
  15. BedGirl really was iconic but I loved when the hettie male got his long, drawn-out comeuppance.
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  16. The best British horror we've had for years to be honest
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  17. Host was brilliant, agreed. I would love them to make another one and make it longer. I love horror where they make such effective use of negative space and you have to keep an eye out for creepy hidden details (yes, Hill House remains the king of this).
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  18. Lake Mungo uses this concept and turns it on its head several times. Best use of "negative space" anxiety I've ever seen.
  19. Underwater was way too alien-lite for me to enjoy. Plus TJ Miller as the ‘comedy relief’ was terrible, completely took me out of the movie and killed the suspense. That and showing the creatures too much. Not a great creature feature.
  20. On Tuesday I watched Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It was so bad that I wanted to stop watching very early on but I forced myself to see the whole thing. It was not scary at all. It was a complete waste of time. I really do not recommend it.

    Recently I also watched The Thing and Christine and I liked both of them. The Thing was especially brilliant. I love that they used so many practical effects. People who did the latest versions of It should have taken a note because CGI is not always a good way to do something.
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