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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. The Conjuring 2 scared the shit out of me when it came out and I really was not expecting it. I wasn’t a fan of the first as I thought the ending was a cop-out but ‘THIS IS MY HOUSE’ still sticks with me, even if it is a bit cheesy.
  2. The Blackwell Ghost was one of the most self-indulgent, boring pieces of shit I've ever seen. And I've seen A LOT of indie horrors during this pandemic.

    V/H/S 2 was a total blast from start-to-finish and better than I remembered. V/H/S: Viral had a nonsensical wrap-around story and only one good segment. Plus 99% of the characters throughout were unlikable.

    I'm hoping V/H/S '94 is a return to form for the series.
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  3. I literally can't watch the alien segment of V/H/S 2. It's like my fears as a kid on screen.
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  4. It's genuinely frightening but the director also does a very good job at making the kids seem like actual kids/teens. It makes it feel that much more real when the crazy shit starts going down.

    The story about the cult is my favorite one, though.
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  5. Have any of you girls watched Be My Cat: A Film for Anne? It’s supposed to be a found footage masterpiece about uh, a psychopath trying to convince Anne Hathaway to stay in his film...
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  6. My b/f bought me 80s slasher pic Sweet Sixteen for Christmas, which I'd seen once ages ago but couldn't really remember.

    Great cast, with Dana Kimmell playing the teen Jessica Fletcher and saying 'cute' every fourth word, but an obvious killer, too few bodies dropped (esp. when in this one all the victims are guys who perv on a particular girl), and a creepy sleazy trend of showing the main girl, who is supposed to be 15, full frontal nude. Yeah, the actress may have been 23 or whatever, but you're asking the audience to believe she's a minor AND YOU'RE SHOWING HER COMPLETELY NAKED!?
  7. It's well done but it's more unsettling and disturbing than scary. Much more in line with Creep 1 and 2.

    The misogyny is too much for me, personally.
  8. I'm finally watching Host.
  9. Close you curtains, it's great in the dark
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  10. I just recently paid for Shudder for this. It was brilliant. Gonna keep my subscription going as there are so many good films on there and it costs less than renting just one.
  11. I seriously love Shudder. I feel like a damn commercial sometimes, but their "live" channels are so nice to just throw on whenever I don't know what to watch. It's a classic TV experience without commercial breaks.
  12. I’ve just subscribed to this! It looks sooo good. It’s pretty cheap too and literally is like a horror fans dream.
  13. The regularity of the updates with the quality of the catalogue...US Shudder is a dream.
  14. Your mileage will depend on how much you like Chloë Grace Moretz, but I adored Shadow in the Cloud.
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  15. Yeah I'm going to check it out despite it starring her. Looks like a fun, guilty pleasure.
  16. UK Shudder took a while to catch up as it wasn't worth it before. It has much improved in the last year or two.
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  17. I watched Host last night and it’s f*kin amazing - loving the recommendations from this thread!! The acting was honestly so on-point and the scares were pretty innovative. It was such a strange concept to see a ‘zoom call during quarantine’ type of movie, oddly comforting though, until you know...shit starts going down.
    9/10 for me.
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  18. Host was awesome fun.

    I knew as the clock ticked down in the last few seconds there was going to be something leaping out when the flash went.

    Also, what was on the first Polaroid? I couldn't make it out.
  19. it was a man hanging from the ceiling I think. That bit was honestly the creepiest for me. I swear before she took the picture there was a figure moving around on the bed? Also, the body hanging in the attic creeped me tf out
  20. I joined Shudder to watch the Dragula special and forgot to cancel it, so I have it for at least another month. Can someone recommend some good films to watch whilst I have it? I’ve had it in the past but I often end up scrolling and not choosing anything and it goes to waste.

    Host is already at the top based on these reactions.
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