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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. It was really well acted (one of them was the tiniest bit wooden), and reminds me of a book I read years ago where a seance 'created' a ghost (on purpose), which also scared the crap out of me.
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  2. Haunt, Terrified, The Changeling, Anything for Jackson, Hell House LLC, The Colour out of Space are all a good place to start.
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  3. Wrong Turn is happening later this month, I think?
  4. Hmm in that case let me watch the original Nosferatu on mubi instead! Thanks sis.
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  5. I just now watched the trailer for Wrong Turn and it looks really good, I love the first one.
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  6. Wronger Turn looks better than I expected but I'm still cautious.
  7. Same. The fact that it was 'just another' sequel at first, then a sequel-slash-reboot, now a total reboot gives me pause for concern. I think it's a straight to DVD affair being oversold.

    I know someone who knows someone in it and they don't exactly frequent 'top tier' horror movies.
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  8. All the Creepshow stuff is well worth it, too.

    Also all their giallo. I could spend a couple days just devoted to that ddd
  9. I just watched ‘Anything For Jackson’ and honestly what the fuck have I just witnessed
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  10. It’s actually a great movie though I’m not gonna lie. Definitely worth the watch, some bits I literally gasped because it was so uncomfortable.
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  11. The tagline is giving me MA teas mess, so obviously Imma add this to my to-watch list. YATH.
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  12. I just watched it myself. Really liked it. Very creepy and well done. Not bad from a director of Lifetime Movies.
  13. I subscribed to Shudder last night because you all got me hyped and also it was the last day of the 99p offer dd.
    I’ve just watched Host and I was surprised to see they managed to make an actually believable and tense horror over Zoom! I was honestly rolling my eyes for the first 20 minutes but once things got going I was gripped to my seat. It was short and sweet too.
  14. Pig Tails Henny hiding under a sheet in Host puts me in mind of Big Hair Henny in Madman hiding in a fridge
  15. I just realised I misread your list and started my watch last night with Terrfier instead of Terrfied!


    The misogyny was thick and the plot was paper thin. Art The Clown could be a great antagonist though in a better film.
  16. Terrifier really is just...gross. The misogyny really is so off-putting, not to mention how bad some of the gore effects look. When the lady getting sawed in half suddenly turns to a cheap Party City mannequin...
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  17. I like it but I totally get what people are saying. It's very dated in it's treatment of his female victims. The clown is very creepy though and would fair better in a higher quality horror.
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  18. Uno


    Haven't seen this whole list but I saw Hell House LLC a while ago and PHEW. That clown scared the genuine shit out of me.

    Haunt is also really great from that list.
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  19. Haunt isn’t showing on Shudder UK? Is that correct, I thought it was a Shudder original?
  20. It is on Prime UK so maybe they have the rights for a while (and it is good)
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