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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Eh both Saw and Paranormal Activity were god-awful franchises and we deserve better.
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  2. Saw, Paranormal, Jeepers, Joy Ride, Wrong Turn...
    The 00’s franchises are rough
  3. And Jeepers 3 might be the worst of the whole lot.
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  5. Eh the Saw films might have been bad but they were incredibly influential and the writers at least tried to make the plots interesting (and utterly absurd) and somehow connect to every film which not many horror franchises can say they done. I mean who else would have the balls to have the plots of Saw III and IV happen at the same time
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. The hideous baby poop color palette and music video editing, though. Mawma the headaches!
  8. Jigsaw was playing a game with audience and you failed!!
  9. I would argue this is, in fact, a very bad thing.
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  11. I love the first Joy Ride. I think it's a great film.

    The first three Saw films. Once Amanda exits, I don't find it interesting.

    But nothing beats the '80s slashers or the Scream and I Know That You Still Know That I Know, You Know? franchises for me.
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  12. I like it too, as well as the first movie of Wrong Turn, Paranormal, Jeepers as well.

    But none of the sequels are very good.

    I dislike Saw because I don't like torture horror films, and it looks ugly and cheap.
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  13. Wrong Turn 2: Left for Dead is kinda iconic though for a low-budget sequel, which no doubt sealed it's fate as a long running DTV franchise until recently.
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  14. I still can't get over how bad the masks started to look as the Wrong Turn series continued. I mean, they really just did not care at all that the latex was flapping about.
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  15. Joyride has pretty decent sequels for made-for-DVD fodder, a few semi-knowns from other horror pics and some good ideas.

    Though the first was titled Roadkill here, so Joyride 3: Roadkill should have come out as Roadkill 3: Roadkill.
  16. I used to love Saw 1 and 2 but haven't watched them in years. I think I've only seen the first four.

    Paranormal had a good run for the first three, but again, haven't watched them in years.

    Hostel, for whatever reason, never did it for me and I've never watched the second one fully because the scenes I did see were so vile. Just not my type of film at all.

    Wrong Turn (the first) slaps, the second is trashy fun. Never went further.
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  17. Awww, £2.99 bargain bin nostalgia.
  18. Netflix flexing and throwing around this kinda coin yet still haven’t greenlit a goddamn ‘Glow’ wrap up movie?

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  19. Was Knives Out scary or something? Why is this news to horror?
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