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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Re-watching When a Stranger Calls Back. When we cut to the 5 years later Julia may have an even worse haircut then Courtney Cox in Scream 3? It looks like something died on top of her head. I still stan 80's queen Jill Schoelen of course. Also I always scream knowing she left Brad Pitt for the director of Halloween 4 and Anaconda: Hunt for the Blood Orchid.

  2. Speaking of Jill and Brad, is Cutting Class worth a watch?
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  3. I was obsessed with this movie when I was a kid for some reason. I tried to watch it last year and found it awful. Not in a fun way also.
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  4. It's alright. Alright gore, but no scares in the slightest, like most late 80's slashers, I find it fun though.
  5. I mean, I’ll always be a hole for him, but I’ve never needed him as a filmmaker.
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  6. I watched Possessor last night and I thought it was pretty great. A bit uncomfortable, but definitely gives an interesting take on one of classic horror tropes.
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  7. It really stays with you for days after.
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  8. This didn't really do it for me at all

  9. It has a great final act - the dialogue is hilarious.

    The rest of the film is fairly meh. I remember it cost me a stupid amount (on VHS no less) so I kinda forced it upon myself repeatedly until I caved to its charms. It's far more of a comedy than a horror though.
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  10. Can I admit how much I love Damien: Omen II? One of the best sequels. Not scary at all, but damn entertaining. William Holden looking embarrassed and ashamed in every scene, Queen Lee Grant not taking it so seriously, knowing she's getting paid and her iconic screaming of "DAAAAAMIAAAN", the increasingly outrageous kills. But best of all is Fashion Queen Joan Hart. So determined to tell William Holden that his nephew may be the Anti-Christ, she still has time to put on her gorgeous red ensemble.

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  11. It's Camp
    Glorious Gory Camp,
    But yes, still Camp
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  12. I love all 3 films. 2 was bloody iconic for it's fabulous deaths.
  13. Diving into Creepshow season 2 today.
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  14. I watched Run on Netflix last night with Sarah Paulson in it. I actually quite enjoyed it and Sarah Paulson was so good in this type of role. I feel like she's always playing a victim with the likes of AHS so it was nice for the shoe to be on the other foot this time around.
  15. I've seen the original a couple of times and love it, just watched the Sharon Stone version, very fun and trashy!
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  16. Me too, I enjoyed it. Nothing amazing but a good watch. It was helped greatly by their performances.
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  17. Can ‘Halloween Kills’ and (not) ‘Scream’ (5) throw us a goddamn bone already?

    If there was anytime to be generous with a sneak peak or teaser trailer, it would be during a damn pandemic!
  18. I just watched Silent Scream (1979) and it was decent. The best part was Barbara Steele being her genuinely creepy self. It was a blatant Psycho rip-off but really just made me want to watch House on Sorority Row.
  19. I watched it last night! I think I like it better than the original which I always found a bit soapy and melodramatic. Agree William Holden was barely trying.

    The death scenes and extra gore are great.

    I thought I hadn't seen it before but as soon as it got to the scene above I remembered I had seen it before.

    Going to watch the 3rd tonight, I'm pretty sure that is the one I have not seen.
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