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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. She signed with CCA in January

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  2. Watched 'Come True' last night. Loved it. It's a real slow burn but I was hooked throughout. I think a lot of people will find it boring. It has a meditative feel throughout, which for me would have usually sent me to sleep, especially at 9pm (I get up very early for a morning run). The twist has been done before but I feel works better with this. I also found the Not Harry Potter Doctor hot, so maybe that kept me awake. Glad I watched it in one sitting, which is quite rare for me these days.
  3. Sucking up to the best

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  4. Can we all agree that Anabelle Comes Home is pretty great, definitely the best of the three and one of the strongest in the Conjuring universe?

    It’s just so much fun! There are so many great set pieces- Ferryman, The Bride, the TV- all fantastic!

    Let’s pretend that the werewolf part never happened and it’s a pretty great horror film.
  5. Annabelle Creation is the superior for me out of the trilogy. "...Comes Home" is fun but I enjoy the more creepy vibe of the second film.
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  6. A question about Just Before Dawn, does every copy of the extended 104 minutes version look very grainy with occasional image defects? Is the standard 90 minute version better?
  7. Yes. The original US Blu Ray release and 88 films both have grainy extended scenes. I think the deleted scenes were a mess and that was all they could do with them. The same with The Exorcist III, the alternative scenes are bad quality.
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  8. Another day, another Slasher
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  9. I had so much fun with this one. I never saw the first one, but out of the other two, Comes Home is the one I'd watch over and over again (even if I think Creation is the better of the two).
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  10. What extra scenes do we get?
  11. 88 Films :

    • High Definition Transfer from the Internegative
    • Uncompressed LPCM 24 Bit Audio
    • Optional English Subtitles
    • AUDIO COMMENTARY with author and critic Justin Kerswell and Calum Waddell, director of SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER
    • EXTENDED CUT – Optional Oversea Version (102 Mins)
    • JEFF BEFORE DAWN: Exclusive new interview with director Jeff Lieberman
    • GRINDHOUSE ALL -STARS: Insightful new documentary in which Lieberman, Roy Frumkes (STREET TRASH), Matt Cimber (BLACK SIX) and Joe Ellison (DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE) share memories of the slime and grime of the grindhouse glory days!
    • 2 Theatrical Trailers
    • GALLERY of On-location stills from Jeff Liebermans’s personal archive. “JUST BEFORE DAWN”
    • Collector’s booklet by Calum Waddell
    Code Rec (US) :

    -Includes Both the 91-Minute Uncut U.S. Version and the 102-Minute Extended International Cut
    -Interviews with Stars Gregg Henry, Chris Lemmon, Jamie Rose and Producer David Sheldon
    -Vintage Featurette with Lemmon, Rose, Sheldon, Actor John Hunsaker (Mountain Twins) and Writer Mark Arywitz
    -Theatrical Trailer
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  12. So I actually traded a few PMs with Jamie Blanks (!) and he mentioned how he copped quite a lot of bad criticism for his American films, so I told him about this forum thread and the sheer number of people who worship Valentine.

    He hasn't yet replied, so is either absorbing it all or has been scared away by our group fixation.
  13. Subwaykid

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    I watched Lake Mungo for the first time last night as it’s finally been added to Shudder again and whew that was a sad one, eh girls? Not surprised to read Mike Flanagan was inspired by it as the end credits are basically the visualization of “I was right here but nobody could see me.”
  14. BTG


    Link him to the night we did the live commentary and mercilessly dragged everyone but Denise.
  15. Just starting S1 of The Terror...
    Is it any good?
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  16. It's brilliant. Atmospheric, engaging, superb acting and great story.
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  17. It's fantastic, until the last episode.
  18. It's wonderful. I think it's mostly better than the book, but that is down to the actors.
  19. I watched The Boy last night as the hubby was away and I had a few drinks in me so felt I was in the perfect place to watch a film about a porcelain doll that comes to life.

    Overall really poor, some of the acting was like a High school production and I felt it jumped between so many ideas but never really stuck to one. It did have potential though and the old stuffy aristocratic parents at the beginning of the movie are iconic.
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