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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. A gay conversion camp horror film?

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  2. Uno


    Watched “Scare Me” on Shutter last night - wasn’t at all what I expected but was really fun. Not really scary but entertaining and refreshing.
  3. There’s a novel on this very subject called Camp Carnage - killer offing gays and staff at a conversion camp. It was... okay.
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  4. I've yet to find a truly great slasher novel (many Point Horrors had great concepts, but well, nobody ever died much)... Richard Layman's Dark Mountain is the best one I've read so far.
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  5. Someone's taking my Popjustice Posts and making them reality
  6. The Axe Factor sounds like a bop, let me dig out my kindle.
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  7. I love Dark Mountain! Some of his novels are great, some a bit silly and a couple too gruesome.

    I watched Premature Burial last night, not seen it since I was a kid. Not brilliant but a fun Poe adaption.

    Maybe the film that used the most fog machines ever?

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  8. I can exclusively confirm that @Hudweiser writes good slasher prose.
  9. If you’re open to YA, There’s Someone Inside Your House is pretty good. It’s very gory which surprised me! The movie adaptation is coming to Netflix this year. Also YA, Clown in a Cornfield was pretty fun and, again, very gory.
    The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved is another one I liked. It’s set at a Bible camp and it’s... crazy nn
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  10. I don't read books but Clowns in a Cornfield needs a movie adaption just based on the title.
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  11. Pretty sure I read one is already in the works!
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  12. Yes!!!

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  13. I love what I've seen of the Corman/Poe adaptations, let me move this up the to-watch list.
    You can't go wrong with 60's Gothic cinema (or 60's Hammer)
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  14. Teaching Mrs. Tingle is still lame as hell but Helen Mirren's deliciously cunty performance makes it watchable. Am I rooting for her instead of these entitled brats?

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  15. The fact that Kevin couldn't write Scream 3 because he was working on that piece of shit makes me so irrationally angry, I could never watch it again.
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  16. Watching Blood Creek with Henry HoleVill and Michael FastBendOver and also some random hot guy who plays the brother and some other hot guy chained up in a storage building.
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    She’s having a Scream marathon.

    Scary Movie is so engrained in my memory that I always expect Shannon Elizabeth to appear wearing that high [redacted] blue two piece outfit in the first scene at the school and I get so disappointed when she doesn’t appear.
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  19. Antiviral is truly something. It's been a few hours and I still don't know what I watched, or what happened. But the lead actor was so brilliant.

    I shouldn't have been surprised as it's the same director behind Possessor...
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