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Horror films.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by robots need oil, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I sometimes wonder if Kevin cracked under the pressure of writing one of the greatest Horror movies of all time then one of the greatest Horror sequels of all time and then being expected to do it yet again, he self sabotaged.

    Even back then, it was clear ‘Scream’ was going to be his legacy and what he was remembered for so why couldnt he put off shooting ‘Tingle’ till he wrote ‘3’? He wrote the original in 3 days and the sequel in i believe a month or so.
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  2. I think it’s clear he didn’t want to only become known for Scream, so he made the unfortunate decision to focus on other projects.
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  3. It’s so weird how from 1996-2000 everything Kevin did pretty much turned to Gold then after that anytime I heard about a new Kevin’s Williamson TV project you KNEW it was most likely getting cancelled after one season.
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  4. I will say, he did get a bit of a resurgence with Vampire Diaries & The Following, but it wasn’t the same.
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  5. I think he lost interest in the Scream sequels because they wouldn’t go with his ideas. I know his plan for Scream 3 was completely different from what we got. Teaching Mrs Tingle also had horrible studio interference. Also, with Scream 4 they once again didn’t go with his idea for a new trilogy where Jill would’ve survived and gone onto the next film. I think that level of interference is what really caused him to step back.
  6. I remember an interview with him where he said something about writing the same movie over and over and over was tiring.

    Love slasher films though I do, the parameters they have to exist within can be creatively limiting.
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  7. BTG


    I know I bring this up all the damn time but I still scream at Miss Williamson claiming that it was a dummy script for Scream 2 that leaked onto the internet and was never intended to be used. Like sis. Online script leaks didn’t exist until Scream 2.

    I finished my rewatch of the trilogy last night and Scream 2 is just so good. It’s the perfect horror sequel.
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  8. Girls. I’m watching The Brood tonight. What should I expect?
  9. A great film.
  10. The Brood was probably the start of Cronenberg's great films, although I do love Shivers and Rabid.
  11. Coming from Scream Factory in July... with a new interview with Queen Paris Hilton!!

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  12. This movie is so much better then people give it credit for. Stunning production design, good directing, amazing kills and even the singer of one of the best songs of all time aka Stars are Blind did a decent job. Any movie that has the balls to cut the tip of the final girls finger clean off deserves an Oscar.

    Could it have been 10-15 shorter? Sure. Its a pretty great slasher all around though.
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  13. Sometimes I think about how House of Wax's promo was almost solely comprised of "See Paris Die". 50% dehumanising, 50% genius.
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  15. Pepperoni nips in HD. I'm so excited!
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  16. That cover is brilliant! Can't wait to grab this.
  17. "Prey. Slay. Display"

  18. I know I've said this before, but while the first 2 Scream films are complete 11/10 classics and some people don't have the refined and sophisticated tastebuds to appreciate Scream 3 as the camp brilliance that it is, I'm so glad that Kevin's ideas for 3 were shot down, because based on what the plot was supposed to be... mama, this sounds like absolute garbage.
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    Speaking of absolute garbage, how is Dewey still alive? Let the fucker die.
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